Does the NBC soap opera Days Of Our Lives air in England? or just US?

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    International broadcast[edit]-------------


    Throughout Canada, Days of Our Lives currently airs either at 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM depending on location on Global Television Network.[107] Episodes are aired in sync with the NBC broadcast to take advantage of simultaneous substitution regulations.

    In Barbados the show was very popular, though it ran several years behind the U.S. (the series began in Barbados in 1980 from the very first episode), and was aired on the island's lone television broadcaster, CBC TV 8. In 2014, the channel dropped the series.[108]

    Belize's Tropical Vision Limited features Days of Our Lives as an afternoon staple. Currently it airs at 3:00 pm UTC-6 Central Time, though it previously aired as early as 1:00 pm or as late as 5:30 pm as a lead-in to the news.


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    In Australia, Days of Our Lives was initially broadcast on the Nine Network from March 25, 1968, until April 26, 2013, when the network axed the show based on a commercial decision.[5][109] During its run on the Nine Network in the early 2000s, episodes ended up being nearly five years behind the United States, due to the network's coverage of cricket each summer.[5] In an attempt to get viewers up to date with the US, Nine aired a one-hour special on September 13, 2004, titled, Days of Our Lives: A New Day, which summarized four years of storylines and caused mixed feelings among regular viewers.[5] This special was followed by episodes airing at the same pace as the US.[5] However, the show ended up being behind the US again, and by April 2013, episodes were airing at a delay of 16 months. On June 17, 2013, Days of Our Lives resumed to Australian viewers free and on-demand through Sony's Crackle service, as well as across Crackle's web apps on mobile devices, connected TVs and game consoles.[110] Crackle picked up where the Nine Network left off with 10 new episodes in its first week and seven new episodes every Monday thereafter.[110] From January 20, 2014, Crackle began releasing five episodes each week.[111] Days of Our Lives is currently six years behind the US.

    Days of Our Lives returned to Australian television on Foxtel's channel Arena in April 2014.[112] It airs weekdays before The Young and the Restless at 12:00 pm AEST. In order to bring TV viewers up to date, Arena screened ten catch up episodes, each presented by Days of Our Lives cast members, from April 1 to April 14, 2014, featuring key story lines missed during the 11-month Australian television hiatus.[112][113] Then on April 15, 2014, Arena began airing episodes at the same pace as the US.[112] Arena also re-airs the last five aired episodes shown as an omnibus catch up edition each Sunday around 7:00 am AEST.[113]

    New Zealand has aired Days of Our Lives along with The Young and the Restless since 1975, debuting on Television New Zealand (TVNZ). Originally airing weekdays on TV2 was shifted to TV One in 2003, where it was put in a 2pm time slot. The soap was approximately five seasons behind the NBC season due to being preempted by holiday and sporting programming. During October 2009, TVNZ announced that they were ending their exclusive contract with Sony Pictures. Despite a national petition from fans Days of Our Lives ended on May 19, 2010. On February 27, 2013, nearly three years the series' final broadcast on TVNZ, ChoiceTV announced their decision to pick up the series; the series began broadcasting on March 11, 2013, weekdays at 1:30pm. Broadcasting began with the series' 46th season (2011–12), meaning the show would be only 18 months behind the current NBC season in the US. ChoiceTV also re-airs the last five aired episodes shown as an omnibus catch up edition each Sunday, beginning at 9 AM NZST, when due to government broadcasting restrictions[114] are shown without advertisements. By December 20, 2013, ChoiceTV had removed the show from their schedule for summer hiatus. However, the series resumed airing on February 10, 2014[115] from episode 11,880.[116] As of April 25, 2014, New Zealand viewers are up to episode 11,933, as ChoiceTV decides on if they will renew the show.


    Channel 5 aired episodes of Days of our Lives in the United Kingdom from March 2000 to April 2001, eventually pulling it off the air; network executives deemed its audience of 200,000 viewers as too low a figure.[7] Days had previously aired in the United Kingdom and Ireland on the Sky Soap channel between 1994 and 1999; episodes were three years behind U.S. telecasts. Days of Our Lives became available to viewers again in the United Kingdom in 2007-2010; CBS Drama ended the run after relegating the show from daytime to 1.00am.


    In South Africa, the soap aired on SABC 1 for ten years, from 1996 until March 2006, weekdays at 17:10 to 18:00 local standard time. As of April 2005, the soap airs on SABC 3, each weekday from 17:00 to 17:50.[citation needed] Beginning September 4, 2017, the show moves to ETV at 17:30pm according to promos posted online.

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    I've not seen in aired here and I looked after we left N.America and came back to the UK. I had a friend give me an update on some of my favs. but had to let it go, eventually.

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    USA only

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