THOR: Ragnarok: answer sampling of Qs below?

Finally enjoyed Thor: Ragnarok albeit late! We had some questions hopefully Marvel comic aficionados can delve into

Q 1. Was his whole eye patch makeover part of Thor s actual makeover in Marvel comics?

Q 2. Will his Mjolnir return in another film? Relatedly did Thor lose Mjolnir IN the comic?


Q 3. Why was his sister Hela born with more power than both Loki and Thor? Relatedly is she as strong as Thanos**?

eg: Thor had to escape Asgard so Surtur could destroy her.

** have not seen Avengers: Infinity War yet (waiting on Netflix)

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  • 3 years ago
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    1) I believe so, but I am no Thor expert.

    2) I would bet Thor gets the hammer back in Infinity War. It's too iconic. Peter Dinklage is credited in the IMDB cast, and a friend of mine theorizes that he's going to play the blacksmith that re-forges a new Mjolnir. I've no idea if he lost it in the comics.

    3) Because her being more powerful gives Thor something to shoot for and grow toward. She's the villain after all. As for an in-universe explanation, consider that Hela is impossibly older than Thor. He's an ancient god and doesn't even remember her in the MCU. She was fighting wars eons before Thor was born. She had alot of time and practice to evolve her godly might.

  • 3 years ago

    1/ Yes, after Odin is killed battlign Surtur, Thor takes on the Odinforce and later loses an eye. Several times in ore modern strips, there have been visions of a future-Thor who has worn an eye-patch.

    2/ Mjolnir has never been destroyed in the comics, but he has "lost it" when Nick Fury spke three words in secret to Thor which caused him to drop it. From that moment Thor was unable to lift it again, because he was no longer considered "worthy".

    3/Maybe because she was firstborn? Or that she developed her powers specifically for destroying things? THeres no clear explanation other than "shes older". In the grand scheme of things though, she did not seem more powerful than Thanos.

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