what do I need to install yahoo mail on my compac laptop windows 8 version?

I was willed my sons compac laptop windows 8 version and I can not access my yahoo mail what do I need to do?

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  • 2 years ago
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    Actually Yahoo Mail is not an installable program. It does not reside on any computer. It is a web server site. You merely sign in to your account correctly.

    Any and every time I have had a sign in failure at a website, I have been provided a reason for the failure. Usually, the site cannot locate the account user name that I entered or it does not recognize my password. A new security procedure popular with Yahoo and other email sites is that they track which computer is being used to attempt logins. If it is new to them, they ask that you verify who you are ( the fist time only) by sending a verification code to a device you listed when you set up security. For example, they send a code to your cell phone and you then enter it to get to your email. Almost all

    email sign in failures involve a mistake by the user or a failure to read carefully. Believe me, I had had too much experience with such.

  • 2 years ago

    it's a website -- open a browser and navigate to mail.yahoo.com

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