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I'm doing a presentation on immigration problems in the US. What can we, as people, do about it?

I was given a topic on immigration to do a presentation on, and everyone was supposed to convey a message/purpose of it. For example, this one person got the topic of racism and he was proposing what we can do to stop it, such as stepping up to racist people.Another example is that this group got the topic of environmental conditions and pollution and they were planning to present how we can manage putting away trash and doing community service. So is there anything we can do about immigration? I'm looking for a message to convey about my immigration presentation. I'm not looking for what the government can do. I'm looking for what the PEOPLE can do. Thorough and detailed answer gets the best answer.

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    Thorough and detailed answer?? DO I GET YOUR GRADE TOO.

    Be specific. This is a school project Not homeland security national report on stuff.

    Your town, your city, your school.

    Which one or two of the many problems.

    The Legal Immigrant? Is much different than those doing something illegal.

    Example learning English.

    Students can help with just causal places for new comers to practise. Make a simple guide book for their neighborhood of stuff Immigrants should know about. How to buy a bus ticket? How to find stuff in their language? Maybe a church service, a doctor, a grocery store that imports stuff from their country.

    How does your school welcome the newcomer. Legal immigrants come from many lands think what would you want if you moved to some other country . Help to find your way, help to learn the language, find people that have the same hobbies maybe play the same game.

    If you as a school student want to go into the ILLEGAL immigrant stuff much more complicated.

    EVERY Illegal is not just from Mexico. Every illegal does not speak Spanish. Every Spanish speaker is not illegal. HINT stereotypes.

    Just like you and your classmates each immigrant person has their own unique situation. Maybe they moved to get a better job. Maybe to join family that moved years ago. Maybe they are fleeing some bad thing back home. Maybe they are very good person that won a scholarship and earned their place in your school.

    Maybe a classmate is there because the Parents employer required the Parents to move for the job promotion.

    Each person has their own particular reasons that they immigrate.

    Everyone was supposed to convey a message/purpose of it. THINK for moment.

    Why did your family move to the nice house. Why does your family want you to go to the best school.?

    WHY do you maybe on graduation plan to move to...

    HINT you want things better than the current situation you are in. The better weather, the nicer view out the window, less crime, better job.

    You could write about some successful Immigrants or their children in your area. You could write about the criminals too if you want.

    USA has a history of both being good to immigrants and being not very nice. Some immigrants are very well known if you look.

    Maybe you recognize this music written by an Immigrant. Many students have this feeling in the morning.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Subranhmanyan Chandrasekhar: born in Lahore, India During the 1940s, Chandrasekhar drove 100 miles from Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin to Chicago for many weeks to teach a class of only two students. Some wondered why he bothered.

    Ten years later, his entire class won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

    David Ho Born in Taiwan

    David was laughed at by classmates who thought he was stupid because he could not speak English, but he focused on his studies and was soon earning A’s in math, science, and even English.

    Now Dr. David Ho is Director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center. He was chosen by Time Magazine as its 1996 “Man of the Year” for his discoveries.

    Jerry Yang came from Taiwan with his mother as a Child.

    After he graduated from University he started this computer based business called “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web.”

    Maybe you recognize its current name YAHOO. YAHOO decided a few years back to end their connections with Jerry.

    He is now a BILLIONAIRE tech investor.

    Maybe you present YOUR family and its immigrant history. The Mayflower Pilgrims were greeted by the Natives already in what is now the USA.

    Maybe you limit it to the Immigrants families of the US President. They all have one.

    30 US presidents have had there ancestry traced back to William the conqueror.

    Queen Elizabeth is one of the closest living relatives of President Washington.

    There is real big difference on the problems legal new comers have when they move to a new place than the problems illegal immigrants have.

    These are some words written by an IMMIGRANT

    Land that I love

    Stand beside her

    And guide her

    Through the night with the light from above

    The rest of the song as sung by an IMMIGRANT

    Youtube thumbnail

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    Immigration is a good thing and helps any country, bringing in money into the country because the high level skilled/educated workers it brings, who then spend their money to help the economy............ the immigration problems are illegals who don't bother to get visas as they have nothing to offer, they are only in the country to make gains for what can people do about them... not employ them and that is in businesses as well as the public not paying them to cook, clean and cut grass or wash cars at their homes as that enables them to stay, for landlords not to rent to non legal residents for schools not to allow illegals to register..Government really is just a representative of people, so all these things should always start with the man in the street and what they should do and are doing for the country they are a citizen and not expect 'someone in Government' to wave a magic wand and pass laws

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    Citizens must demand their rights, their laws, their country be respected. Zero tolerance for visa/immigration violations as such lawbreakers disdain the rule of law ( a founding principle of US - no one is above the law), arrogantly disdain the rights of others. Citizens need to:

    - vote for Reps & Senators & legislators who protect the sovereignty of the country & the rights of its citizens;

    - write to representatives supporting stringent enforcement of visa regulations & immigration laws;

    - if they have good reason (just cause) to believe a neighbor, coworker, whoever, is not legally present in the US, then report to ICE Hotline with details;

    - report employers who knowingly hire persons not legally present and those not legally authorized to work - while most illegal aliens do not work (they are dependents), enforcing employment law is important;

    - report employers who lay off Americans & replace them with foreign workers on visas - & if you're one of them, SUE for discrimination on the basis of national origin as well as reporting them for their legal violations (employers are required to prove there are no Americans qualified & available for a position, so if they lay off existing qualified workers, they committed FRAUD!)

    So that should give you some ideas to start with.

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    Immigration policy is a government construct, and as a result, any intervention or change you would want would have to go through the government.

    It may sound trite, but voting and writing your congressman and senators are really the best actions. Lawmakers really do consider letters and emails that come from constituents.

    As far as personally, things are a little bit limited. You don't state what you think the "problems" are with immigration in the US: Too much? Not enough? Legal vs illegal issues? Refugees? Visa eligibility? This is a big topic.

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  • Lisa A
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    There is nothing that people can do. We can't guard the border. We can't enforce the law.

    It is the government's responsibility to do those things. And they are being told not to by their corporate masters who need an inflated population, and especially illegals, in order to drive wages down. We have no power over our corporate masters.

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