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Are these counted as fidgety movements when talking to a girl? And other details out there?

I'm not a stalker. He was literally doing it in front of me and I have never seen him making so many movements before.

- rubbing the hands on the knees

- rubbing his hands on his inner legs

- making eye contact for a short period and then looking at the girl's hoodie

- swaying around in the chair when the girl was sitting next to him

- calling the girl by her name when he could say 'she'

- agreeing with the time she puts out immediately without checking his schedule

- walking closely behind her although she was walking slowly compared to another guy at the next door (two-sided doors)

- stood super close to me while presenting (sleeves touching)

- when we got into groups of three when discussing a class detail, he sat foot and body facing towards me leaving the guy in our group awkwardly kinda third wheeling

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    He's nervous

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