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Does this sound like herpes or something else? Please help?

I've been to both my obgyn as well as planned Parenthood. I tested negative for all stds, yeast infection, etc but neither of them would test me for herpes. I live in Ohio and I guess they've changed the rules on it so you cannot get tested unless you're having an outbreak. I couldn't even get a blood test for it done and it's stressing me out. Both of them gave me a pap smear and said they didn't notice anything abnormal and everything below looked fine.

I had protected sex a couple of times back in December with a guy I know. Not long after, I ended up with a horrible yeast infection that went on for about 2 months. For the past month, I've had these weird pinching sensations that come and go in my pubic area and Labia. I have no blisters, no sores, etc. I don't burn when I urinate, etc. The only thing I do remember is I had a teeny tiny sore near my inner thigh with tiny flaky skin around it that was barely noticeable but I'm not sure if it came from shaving or something else. I also felt a mild pain when I would touch my Vulva area near the entrance to my vagina but again, no sores, blisters, etc.

I also had these weird cold and hot sensations in my buttocks, thigh, feet, legs, face etc. I've been so stressed because I don't know the cause. Does these symptoms sound anything at all like herpes?

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    It does not sound like herpes. Herpes can only be detected during an active out break. The test is for anti-bodies. Since herpes is a virus it can not be detected through microscopic examination. Here is "SOME" of what you should know about herpes. 90% of people worldwide have some form of the virus. Herpes zoster or "Chicken Pox--Shingles " is the most common. Herpes simplex 1 is the cold sore virus. simplex 2 is sometimes referred to as genital herpes.Out breaks usually only happen during times of extreme stress or immunologic deficiencies. There is good news and bad news. Good news you may already have some immunity. Bad news is you already have some form of the virus. More good news. Herpes is mostly preventable and you probably do not have genital herpes. More bad news. If you don't already have it you have no immunity. More bad news. There are things out there that are much worse. This good news bad news thing goes on and on like the Energizer bunny. The best way of preventing STD's is to know your partner and practice safer sex in a monogamous relationship.

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    Herpes can be detected via swab if the sore has just popped up in the past day or two. Otherwise, a blood test can be done, which detects antibodies, and that test will work whether or not there is an active outbreak.

    However, the CDC doesn't recommend herpes screenings unless there is an outbreak or some other cause for concern. That's in part because it's so common and the mental distress is disproportionate to the diagnosis. What you describe doesn't sound too concerning based off what little anyone can guess from reading it online. If you have pain that interferes with your life, then it might be time to press for more testing so that you can get a prescription. Otherwise, you sound fine.

    It's also possible to order STD tests online, then go to the lab yourself. Testing should take place within 4-6 weeks from exposure for the blood test.

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