Fortnite question ps4?

I was thinking about getting fortnite. But I was wondering Am I able to see other players on the map? Like for example if there is someone near by will I be able to see them on the map.

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  • 2 years ago
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    Yes, sort of.

    It sounds like you are thinking Fortnite is a normal MMORPG, and it isn't.

    There are two modes in Fortnite: Campaign mode, and BattleRoyal Mode. Most people think of Fortnite now refer almost exclusively to the BattleRoyal mode, which was tacked onto the original game when Campaign mode started failing and PUBG picked up.

    Campaign mode aka "Save the World" is a series of co-op maps where you can have a party or random players join you for a little Player versus Zombie action. There is a solid progression in this one, and you have an 'explorable' base, but it is only used for a couple of specific missions. You see all your allies on the map at all times.

    BattleRoyal mode is also an instance based game. In this one you cannot see anyone on your main map, but allies appear in your mini-map. (Markers allies put down also appear on the main map.)

  • Nope.

  • Raditz
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    2 years ago

    Only allies/team mates are visible on the map, while the enemies isn't. Even in other similar games, you can't see the enemy on the map, unless you're using other means (hacks/cheats).

    The best you can get on Fortnite is when you're playing on mobile. Because on that version, they added a sound indicator on the screen, where you can determine the sound locations of gunshots, footsteps, and even chests.

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