"the user profile service failed the logon" help?

Having to use my spare laptop at the moment because my Lenovo thinkpad is acting weird. Turned it off normally the other night and know I keep getting this message:

"the user profile service failed the logon" and I can't access anything in my computer. when i tried to access safe mode i just kept getting an error saying 'key stuck'

It is at least a 4-5 year old laptop but has always been reliable. i don't know if it could be easily fixed or if it's just dead.

Any ideas what could be wrong and how to fix it?

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  • David
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    2 years ago
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    You may wish to check that none of the keys are stuck if you can’t get into safe mode

    The user profile service error can be caused by a failed software update - it can be fixed in a few ways, this video explains


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