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Are there a lot of similarities between the state of Ohio and Arkansas?

As far as scenery and such goes? My friend and I are debating that if you lived in Arkansas and suddenly woke up in Ohio, there wouldn't be THAT much of a difference :)

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  • Andrew
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    2 years ago
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    Arkansas is considerably larger than Ohio and has a much smaller population. Overall, it's far more rural in character than Ohio is, there's far less industry, it's nowhere near as diverse and economically it's much poorer than Ohio. Geographically, the two are not wholly dissimilar in the fact that they are both temperate places with a similar mean elevation. And like practically every other US state between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rockies there are vast areas of farmland and vast areas of wilderness, though Arkansas definitely boasts more wilderness than Ohio. Arkansas is also more culturally uniform whereas Ohio is more varied. Northeastern Ohio is more similar to the Northeast in character whereas the Ohio River Valley is definitely more Southern. They're both beautiful states but overall Ohio has more variety - big cities, Great Lakes coastline, more museums, sports and music venues, better food, and better quality of life overall.

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  • ben
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    2 years ago


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