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Does the show The Americans have nudity with Keri Russell? OK for kids to watch?

Showing butts is probably ok, but boobs would be different.

Is it ok for a teenager to watch?


OMG. Just Googled the show and saw this scene. NSFW:

Update 2:

WOW. I think it's keri russell. holy moly

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    Apparently, you watched Colbert last night. I'd probably let an older teenager watch it, but not kids. I mean, the sex in it isn't any racier than what they see in teenage sex romps like American Pie. Also, despite what they said on Colbert, it really hasn't been to sexy these last few seasons. It was a lot racier and graphic with sex in the first few seasons. We saw Keri Russell completely naked several times, performing sex acts. The only part of her you don't see is her vaj. But the last couple seasons, not so much.

    The bigger reasons I wouldn't suggest kids watch it are two fold: one, I think they'd be bored because it's pretty heady stuff having to do with politics and history that will go over their heads; two, more than the sex, it has violence in it, extreme violence, cold blooded, remorseless, gruesome, violence.

    Regarding that second reason, Keri Russell's character, she's very Ayn Rand, an objectivist. Her objective is saving her country. Nothing stands in the way of that. Nothing. If a kid needs to die, then a kid needs to die. She's ice cold and is not only unburdened by what most would call immoral, which we see exemplified in both the sex scenes and the killing scenes, she condescends such morality as petty and bourgeois, even and indulgence and a luxury, which both indulgence and luxury she finds contemptible. Philip, he's not like that, and its the number one tension between them, though they are very tight. At the same time, you see a complexity in her relationship with Philip because and why she clings to it, because if not for that, she'd be a robot, and I think her character registers that he is all that is left of her humanity, that his humanity is her humanity by proxy because of decades doing a brutal job that has fleeced her of her own humanity.

    Like I said, it's pretty heady stuff, and aside from not being appropriate for children because of the violence and the manner in which it's carried out, for you do not want your children learning from Kerri Russell's character as an example as they might because she's really b@dass, but also because I don't think kids would enjoy it, which brings us back to my first reason. You see, I'm not even sure most teenagers would enjoy it because it would go over their heads, too. To really understand the show, to really feel it, I think you have to have been alive in the 80's and have some concept of the Cold War, of what that was really like, of how extremely intense that was to live under the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, having fallout drills at school regularly because of how clear and present the danger of nuclear was constantly was. Otherwise, you won't understand what is driving these characters. Also, they do a REALLY good job of capturing the 80's in the show, and if you lived during that time, it's very nostalgic, and that's part of it, a part of it that kids just won't get.

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    I've never seen it, so I wouldn't know.

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    Better than Kurt Russell.

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    No problem at all.

    As you know, Keri Russell has poor body for actress.

    By the way, I hate her daughter in the drama.

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    Make America great again.. Lets stomp out all public nudity..for Christ's sake.. What has happened to our sense of decency and morality

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    I....would not let young ones watch Americans. There are sex scenes. My recollection is that they don't SHOW everything, but there's a few sex scenes that would be...uncomfortable. Some of the characters are bad people...sexually repressed people...whose sex lives aren't entirely healthy.

    Now, you're talking teenager. There's ALOT of variance in how mature a teenager is. A mature teenager, I wouldn't have any trouble letting them watch it. Heck, odds are they've already seen worse, you just don't know it. But other teenagers aren't ready to handle stuff maturely.

    Now there's not ALOT of that stuff, but there is some of it. So I'd make the decision based on how mature your teen is. If you trust them and their ability to handle things, just tell them in advance "I've heard this show has some deviant behavior. I'm trusting you to handle this maturely and not let it affect your relationships and how you treat your partners."

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