Laptop screen shuts off after a few minutes of working and never comes back even after restart.?

So my Wife has MSI GP60 2PE (MS-16GH) laptop. When I start the laptop, it boots fine it works for several minutes and once it warms up the screen shuts off and doesn't come on. After I try to restart the computer I can hear cooler starts but laptop doesn't work. I cannot even access to BIOS. I bought a new screen for it but no result. I worked as computer technician for short period of time and I know this is not a software problem and it is very out of my league. it should be motherboard or CPU (probably motherboard). My question is who can know for sure ? and is there any way to fix it without replacing the motherboard ? or does anyone know someone who fixes hardware in Utah, Idaho Area ?

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  • Norm F
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    2 years ago
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    If you have worked as a computer technician then you will know that diagnosing between the motherboard and CPU is not easy and the best way is by substitution.

    I would say your problem is with the Graphics and as that is integrated in the motherboard and not easily replaced unfortunately a motherboard replacement as you probably have not got an oscilloscope to check if there are any signals coming out of the output of graphics. You say that you you have tried a new screen so you have probably tested the other output

  • 2 years ago

    Have you tried going into the control panel where it says power options and setting choose what the power button does set that to shut down set choose when the computer sleeps too never set the display to not shut down after an amount of time set that also to never turn off then go back to where it says choose what the power button does look at the top of the page after you click that click show settings that are currently unavailable once you click that you can uncheck fast start at the bottom of the page and click apply now on your next restart you should be able to get into your bios you can't get into the BIOS until you turn off fast start cuz your computer never shuts down also while you're in power management disable fast start try those little tricks and see if that doesn't cure your problem I do this all the time and the symptoms you're describing is ever so common in Windows 8 and Windows 10

  • YKhan
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    2 years ago

    Is there enough charge on the battery? Try removing the battery, and operating only off the power mains for awhile.

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