How do I calculate business mileage?

I am a diving contractor and I drive to job sites really far away, stay and work for 3-6 months, then drive to another jobsite a few thousand miles away and then usually drive home for the end of the year (December usually). My home base is just my home in MI. I work for a contractor out of Seattle, WA. I only work when they call so this year I drove ~650 miles, worked 2 months then drove ~2250 miles where I worked 3 months then drove home in December. How to I calculate mileage to job, at the job, to the next job, at next job, to home? Might sound confusing so maybe you’ll get why I ask. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • 3 years ago
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    Note the mile from wherever you are living at the time to the job then back to your temporary base - from you left home (650) the driving you do to and from place living to job and back for 2 months then the 2250 to next area and the mileage during the 3 months worked and then mileage home

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    3 years ago

    You could use an app: MileIQ keeps track of miles for taxes or business purposes, or for any reason that requires a mileage log. This is a free app and reckoned to be the best mileage tracker for iPhone because it automatically logs drives and calculates mileage value.

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    you keep a contemporaneous log of the miles, you have a book in your vehicle and you put down the mileage when you set out, when you get to where you are assigned you write the mileage, and so on for every place you drive to work, at the end of the day you gather them all and enter the miles you drove that day for business, by the end of the year you will have your business miles you can multiply by the accepted rate and that is your expense you can claim, a log is very important but cumbersome to keep, however IRS can disallow your claim without it

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    3 years ago

    And office supply stores sell small books for a few dollars, to keep track of mileage. Handy...

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    3 years ago

    You keep a log of business mileage as that is part of your record you need to claim from the employer as well as if the IRS wish to check your accounts/claim

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