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Will a tooth filling work well enough in place of a root canal?

So after visiting a dentist a couple weeks ago, the dentist said that one of my teeth has a cavity deep down near the bottom of the tooth. She said she would recommend me get a root canal to have it fixed since the cavity is really close to the root and a small part of the root seem to be beginning to show signs of infection. But since having a root canal done would cost me well over $2k out of pocket after insurance, I opted to just have a filling done.

So, my question is that if a tooth need (or in this case, highly recommends) a root canal...would a simple filling do just as well to prevent further cavity/infection of that tooth? Or would I still need to get a root canal done even after my tooth is filled?

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    The dentist pretty much told you what you needed to know. You have a borderline situation where the filling may not prevent the tooth from eventually getting infected and you bought yourself some time at the very least, but the next time you get that tooth worked on you will need a root canal and maybe even a crown.

    That said the dentist gave you the option for the filling which means that the dentist thinks there's a chance the filling will be fine, but the dentist doesn't want you coming in complaining about the filling not working so they are covering themselves.

    You bought yourself some time... maybe many years or maybe a few months. No one knows.

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    a filling is never a solution to a tooth that needs a root canal. if your tooth is starting to get infected then it is already dying. infection is not cured by filling the tooth. only removing the infected pulp or removing the tooth gets rid of it

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    If the filling is done and you have no pain, you should be OK for now. If there is infection inside the tooth you will experience big time pain and at that point will need a root canal or to have the tooth pulled. Find a way to pay for the root canal if you experience pain as removing a tooth starts a process of all your teeth moving and getting misaligned.

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    Do not use mercury amalgam!!!!!!!!

    The filling may work well or it may not. See if you have a dental school near you or search the Internet for free dental near you.

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