What makes a society appreciate a foreign culture?

Outside there is an enormous parade celebrating St. Patricks day.

Yet it is so foreign. For what can Americans possibly know of the deeds of St. Patrick of Ireland?

They tell me that it is celebration of Irish heritage and the influence of the Irish people in America, especially here in NY.

We also see many Americans celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Columbus Day.

It is interesting because Columbus day is celebrated by many Americans as a tribute to the people the Europeans conquered as opposed to the man himself.

I find this very interesting only Americans are like this.

When Greek culture was being appreciated in Ancient Rome. One senator was asked why he didn't learn Greek, he responded that why should he learn the culture and language of a conquered people?

Im just so amazed because in continental Europe nobody yearns for the culture of another people.

Germany has many Turks but they don't celebrate any Turkish holiday

The Poles don't entertain themselves with German and Russian traditions.

But there are countries like England, America, Canada to some degree, Lebanon, Brazil, etc... and many other countries were the people living in those countries love other cultures.

If Washington, Jefferson, Adams, etc... saw the streets of Washington D.C filled with people celebrating Irish customs, they would be horrified.

Not because of Irish people in particular but because the American people are admiring another country.

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  • 2 years ago
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    One of the many things that sets a civil society apart from and above tribal and savage countries is the ability to identify, appreciate, celebrate, and learn from other societies without putting them down or elevating them unfairly. It comes from proper parenting and education that instills a value system based on independent free will, tolerance, and curiosity.

    America is the best example of that. As a nation, we internalize and implement in our own society what we most enjoy about others, all without subordinating our own culture or attempting to destroy another.

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  • 2 years ago

    Most of Europe celebrates the December 25 holiday, which was originally a pagan holiday in one country, and therefore a holiday of a foreign culture in the other countries. It didn't become a Christian holiday until later.

    And they all embrace foreign cultures -- they just don't always realize it. For example, tomato sauce is a major part of Italian food (including pizza, lasagna, spaghetti sauce, etc.), but it's actually a novel innovation. Tomatoes didn't exist in Italy before 1492, and they were thought to be poisonous until just a few hundred years ago, so they were used only for decoration. Use of tomatoes for food is a very foreign thing, and comes from the culture of some Native American Indian tribes.

    Coca-Cola and McDonald's are also very big in Europe, and also started off as part of the U.S.'s culture.

    Even the fork was originally a foreign custom -- and mocked by those who felt that civilized human beings ate with their hands.

    But perhaps the best examples are the ideas of democracy, originally a cultural ideal of Greece before it was conquered by the Romans, and equality, originally a cultural ideal of the French Revolution, both of which are now universally accepted throughout Europe.

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  • 2 years ago

    You are so wrong. I've lived in other countries and found that they all celebrate other cultures living in their boarders. In Viet Nam, they celebrate Chinese New Year. In Sicily they celebrate Flag Day which recognizes all the nations that once invaded Sicily and whose people stayed to live there. In Hong Kong they celebrate Halloween, which began in Europe.

    And the coup de gras, in the UK they celebrate July 4th when their cousins from the Colonies celebrate it.

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  • 2 years ago

    What makes a society appreciate a foreign culture?

    Well, with Americans another excuse to get really drunk and act stupid is always a good start.

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  • 2 years ago

    Do you realize how many citizens of the U.S. come from "foreign cultures" like Ireland? From your post, I'm thinking you don't.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Go take a pill.

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