Oh my God, I never thought in my entire life that I would be this frustrated at a game. I downloaded fornite 2 days ago and I SUCK!!!! I only get 1-2 kills IF I even survive to get those kills, most to the time I just did instantly as soon as a I land. I m so mad at myself that I can t do this game I ve been doing countless trial and error and improvement. It s gotten so bad that I m starting to notice that I m bad AT ALL VIDEO GAMES. maybe I m Not, and it s just my self conscious, but I really need hemp. All my other friends are amazing at the game and I m a wimp. There all already level 40+ and I m sitting here with level 6. Any help or tips would be much appreciated, thanks. Oh and one more thing, if your going to answer this, please don t say: " hey not everyone is good at videogames/fortnite" because I ll just ignore it because I WANT to get better at the game, thanks in advance.

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  • Raditz
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    2 years ago
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    Well, Fortnite isn't the type of game that you can master in an instant. Everything needs a process, and it takes time. You can probably adress which parts that you're weak at.

    Are you weak on battles? Then the best part is that you need to do battles all the time. Drop at Tilted Towers all the time, and improve your skills there. Because that place is currently the hot spot on the map, and you'll guaranteed encountering enemies.

    Are you weak on build structures? Then you need to get used of the controls and how to make quick builds. Play a game and try NOT to pick up weapons. Instead, go harvesting and practice building stuffs when you're under attack. This is what I do to increase my building skills, and it works like wonder, since you need to make quick desicions and react fast.

    Again, these things take time. I myself needs a whole month in order to get use to the shooting and building stuffs. So be patient, and keep playing the game and practice.

  • 2 years ago

    Just play more and practice. The fact you are 30+ levels lower shows you don't have the same experience that your friends do.

    It will come in time, just keep plugging away at it.

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