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can day players become/have a bigger role on a tv show?

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    If you're asking if being an outstanding day player will mean that the show producers will suddenly create or expand a role, rewriting scripts and adjusting storylines to make room for you - sure that "can" happen just like someone can win a million dollars in a lottery.

    It's more likely that if you're good and professional the casting directors and producers will remember you for future roles - maybe in the same series and maybe not. It might be a season or two (or more) before you would be hired back to play a different role (depending on how memorable or day player role was).

    Of course it's goal of any professional actor to move up from day player roles to reoccurring roles, guest stars or even a principal in a TV series. Being a day player is a good start, it won't hurt your chances of better roles (but it won't guarantee them either).

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    Less than Zero!

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    Day player?

    Do you mean an extra?

    If so - no.

    Extras are not actors - just breathing scenery.

    The actors for real roles are found by casting directors who go through agents, asking them to submit real, trained, experienced, talented actors suitable for each role.

    Those casting directors almost certainly wouldn't even be on set to see any extras do their jobs.

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