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Why is my computer doing this?

I was experiencing really high DPC latency issues with my computer,

however I disabled the usb 3.0 card and wireless network card in device manager and still had really high dpc latency issues.

I decided to take out my usb 3.0 card and wireless network card and my high dpc latency issues were fixed.

what could be the problem?


OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Board: MSI FM2-A55M-E33

BIOS version 6(latest)

Graphics Card: AMD FirePro Graphics w4300 4GB DDR5 PCIE 16x

Slot 2: HooToo USB 3.0 PCIE x1


AMD A10 Series 6700T 2.5ghz base 3.5ghz turbo Quad Core APU

Toshiba 6TB HDD x300

16GB DDR3 1866Mhz RAM PNY

Cosair 450W Power Supply

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    There are a few programs that can be helpful in diagnosing DPC latency. If you are running Windows 7 or higher, the best utility to use is LatencyMon by Resplendence. This program will not only tell you if there is a DPC issue, but it will also tell you which driver is causing the latency.

    LatencyMon download

    For Windows XP or Vista systems, the only option is to download the DPC Latency Checker utility by the SysCon. This utility will only show if you have a DPC latency issue, but it will not tell you what is causing it.

    DPC Latency Checker Download

    Once I figure out what is causing the problem, how do I fix it?

    LatencyMon will show the status of the latency issues in the Report Area. The text in the Report Area will turn red when there is problems and will give you a general idea of how to fix it. The lower section will show you the problematic drivers.

    Read more......

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