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Would you date a person who's previous relationship was with a grown woman who acts childish and has a fetish for being taken care of?

Was interested in this guy but became instantly turned off when I realized his ex partner had some kind of strange pedophile fetish.

She makes her presence very much known on his profiles still despite being married. She liked one of my photos likely when scoping me out and it got my attention so searched for her name.

She has videos of her talking in baby talk to older men with nice cars, photos of her in a bathtub filled with children;s toys, photos of her stuffed animal collection on her bed and she lists all of their names in the description even photos of her holding stuffed animals reading childrens books in the bookstore...she has no kids and also many posts bragging about what older men have done for her...always wealthy men. This woman acts like a 4 year old in public and even sucks her thumb.

I am all for people having fetishes, to each their own. I just find it somewhat concerning that a grown man in his 40s would not only approve of the baby talk and thumb sucking etc but would actively seek and pursue a relationship with a woman like this. He is still hung up on her and says she kept him young.

Should I be concerned? Is it a fairly normal fetish for men to like women that have stuffed animal collections and post photo albums of their "baff time" (bath time) in a bathtub filled with foam blocks and stuffed animals/colored bubbles? She dumped him for a wealthy man (sugar daddy)

I don't want to risk dating a man who may have pedophile tendencies.

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    His ex should stop wasting her time. Roy Moore is already taken.

  • 2 years ago

    If he's still hung up on someone else, that in itself is the problem. Her fetishes are irrelevant.

  • No I wouldn't. I would run the other direction.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    What is "normal"?

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