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Will hypersonic passenger planes supersonic planes take over the long haul market?

If supersonic hypersonic become norm will it mean airbus a350 and boeing 787 dreamlimer or 777x cease widebody plane production will airplane manufactures cease production of any widebody planes such as 787 dreamliner or airbus a350

Will electric planes mean narrowbody aircraft like 737 max or airbus a320neo will cease production of narrowbody planes

Will electric cars driverless vehicles take over the world anytime soon

Will hyperloop replace planes will robo taxis kill public transit buses trains light rail

Is china serious on building a hypersonic jet that could fly from new york to bejing in 2 hours

Will elon musks bfr rockets cut flight times from point to point in 90 minutes

Is the airline industry fleet going to look different in the next few decades

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    Not ever.

    The cost increases exponentially with the speed travelled and with the size of the world and all of the low altitude and over land speed restrictions and the airport delays it wouldn’t be worth it.

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    I highly doubt that supersonic planes will replace current subsonic planes such as 777, 787 or A350.

    Its possible that commercial supersonic aircraft will make a comeback, but it will always be just a niche market for a few situations where it actually makes business sense. It will always be significantly more expensive so there will always be demand for cheaper sub-sonic flights.

    The few people who can afford to pay more for a supersonic ticket could also just pay more for a first class ticket on a sub-sonic flight. That doesn't save them any time, but if you're sleeping in a comfy first class seat with premium meals and unlimited drinks, then you probably wouldn't mind spending extra time on the airplane.

    Nobody at Boeing or Airbus is worrying about their planes becoming obsolete because of the possibility of a new supersonic aircraft.

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    Not going to happen. Cost prohibitive. Look at the Concorde.

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