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I need help with Silent Hill (the PlayStation video game, not the movie)!?

Okay so I have Silent Hill for the PlayStation, and I'm playing it on a backward compatible "PS3 slim", just in case that's important.

But I needed a walkthrough for a part I was stuck on, so I went to what looks like a Silent Hill fanmade website (here:, so I could get past a certain part.

Look at the guide on the top of the page, then click/tap "7. Midwich Part 2", in the last paragraph:

"Once in the Courtyard, avoid the Mumblers and head to the Northeast where you will find a Clock Tower. If you examine the Clock Tower, you will notice that the hands are stopped at 10:00, and on either side, there are gold and silver indentations. Insert your Gold Medallion into the gold indentation (whose plate reads "A Golden Sun"). The sound of a mechanism will sound, and you are then informed that the hands of the clock are stopped at 12:00."

I do the part that says:

"Insert your Gold Medallion into the gold indentation (whose plate reads "A Golden Sun")."

But here's my problem, when I do this my game just freezes on a black screen (like the one you see briefly when loading any other screen up), but the music is still playing, and the radio is still crackling (because the "Stalkers" are nearby).

So I reset my game, and tried again, the same problem, then again, the same problem. So will someone please tell me why, and what to do to fix this.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago
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    If you're playing on a disc, the disc is probably scratched. If it's a download from the store, something happened during the installation process.

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