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Spyro asked in SportsWrestling · 2 years ago

How much do you enjoy these kind of wrestling matches/action movie fight scenes?

1. A great chain, mat wrestling sequence, with wrist locks, armbars,pressure points,grappling- mostly holds and realism.

2. A refined lucha Libre fast-paced feeling out process between two technicos using Mexican takedowns,counters aerial attacks, and moving around the ring easily and with grace.

3. A personal match between a face/ heel that has a lot of brawling, fighting, storytelling, emotion- less about the friendly competition.

4. An athletic match with powerhouse big men doing moves and holds you wouldn't expect them doing.

5. A 90's traditional martial arts, kung fu fight, with weapons, extremely fluid moves, sped up and been creative with the environment. They are more refined,more creative than a more physical MMA action fight.

6. A Hong Kong martial arts fight with a lot of foot work, kicking, punching,head movement, and changing their rhythm,and tempo; kind of like Jackie Chan vs. Benny(WOM) or Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris.

7. An MMA fight(In octagon, or film) they mix up their styles that they know from Boxing, Muay Thai,Kickboxing, Chinese/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do. They mix up everything, from grappling, stand up, clinch, takedowns, submissions.

8. A Muay Thai action fight. They really hit each other,and do all their own stunts- parkour, obstacle courses, acrobatics,and use every part of their body like elbows, knees.

9. A classic strong style wrestling match.

10. What era and company do you think had the best cruiserweight division of all time?

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  • 2 years ago
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    1. Chain wrestling. Right now, the promotion with the best consistent examples of this is NJPW. They have a roster full of wrestlers who can do this throughout an entire match. Just doing that through a whole match, though, would get tedious, so you need variety, different styles to keep things interesting. This is why millions of people watch pro wrestling and why only a tiny fraction of that number watch amateur-style wrestling. Chaining scientific moves back and forth between two skilled grapplers is interesting for a while but eventually one or both of them needs to bust out the huracanranas and DDT's and dropkicks. Chain wrestling is necessary but it's not the real reason we watch pro wrestling. Out of 10, chain wrestling to me gets an 8.

    2. Lucha. Man, I love this stuff! The Guerrero Brothers (Mando, Chavo Sr, and Hector) got me hooked on it in the late 70's early 80's. Watching the better luchadors get ramped up and flying around the ring in a graceful ballet of spectacular flying moves can be breathtaking. I love the lucha-style matches in CMLL and AAA; there is plenty of variety and differing styles to keep anybody interested. I can watch a 2-hour lucha show and be thoroughly entertained the entire time. 10

    3. Grudge match. I used to love these matches. Back in "the old days" they used to build up feuds to a conclusion, which meant the "grudge" match, where it all got settled once and for all, a lot of times in a cage match or some other type of gimmick match. That's when we saw blood and weapons, and guys trying to "kill" each other. But that's long past. Now, pretty much every promotion gets to the "grudge match" as quickly as possible, bypassing the buildup in favor of getting to a PPV-selling gimmick match. And no promotion settles feuds anymore. They just milk a feud until fans get tired of it then move on, only to revisit the feud down the road. So, grudge matches don't mean much to me anymore. 3

    4. Physics-defying big guys. One positive change between "the old days" and today is much more athletic big guys. While there are still some lumbering dinosaurs in the business they are in the minority now. We have some excellent huge athletes such as Baron Corbin, Michael Elgin, Doc Gallows, Bobby Lashley, Moose, Samoa Joe, etc. Athletic big man has become more of the norm these days and I'm glad to see it. I still prefer the AJ Styles size pro wrestlers but I can thoroughly enjoy a Lashley vs Moose match, as well, because of their athletic abilities. 9

    5. 90's martial arts. They are fun to watch (I'm guessing you mean in movies) but not completely believable because they are able to defy gravity a little too much. Still very entertaining, though, in that environment (movies). 8

    6. Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan style fight. I spent the 70's camped out at my local drive-in theater watching endless numbers of "chop socky" movies starring the likes of Bruce Lee, Sonny Chiba, and dozens of other Asian martial artists of the day. I love that stuff! Because they were grounded more in reality than later martial arts movies you could believe that you had a chance to reach that same skill level if you were willing to train and put in the time practicing. Giving viewers some hope of achieving what the fighters do bumps it up a notch. 10

    7. MMA fight. It's interesting watching different disciplines test themselves against each other but the varying styles don't always match up well together leading to some one-sided routs or just plain boring matchups. There also tends to be kind of long stretches where nothing really happens (visually) and you wish they'd just start swinging wildly to make something, anything, happen. This is the main reason I'm not a boxing fan. When stuff is happening, it's very interesting and entertaining, but when they're "feeling out" or trying to wear down an opponent it tends to drag. 6

    8. Muay Thai. Hmm, sort of a real-life version of NJPW. The same kind of moves and strikes, just not holding back. I prefer the more realistic and realistic-LOOKING types of fights with very skilled and athletic competitors. When they start cartooning up the action with not believable moves and strikes or, probably worse, not selling moves it loses my interest. Muay Thai, like NJPW, ticks all the right boxes with me. 10

    9. Strong style. NJPW is the best representative of this today. Hard-hitting believable grappling, striking, brawling, and submission attempts. Mostly mat-based but it has it's share of flying moves. NJPW matches are typically longer than any other promotion with some title matches going nearly an hour and still able to hold everybody's attention and interest. Very believable, not cartoony at all (gimmicks and costumes notwithstanding), THIS is what pro wrestling should be. 10+

    10. Best cruiserweight division in history. Got to go with WCW during the Attitude Era (late 90's). A who's who of great cruiserweights: Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Brian Pillman (for a short time), a whole slew of luchadors lead by the awesome Psicosis and La Parka, and some homegrowns like Billy Kidman. Yeah, we all know they weren't treated well and relegated to mid-card (too often) comedy-relief but WCW had the greatest collection of top-notch cruiserweights at that time than any other promotion in history. The cruiserweights stole the show night after night while the likes of Hulk Hogan and the nWo got the spotlights and the glory. A real tragic shame.

    • Spyro2 years agoReport

      I really like your answers. I agree with a lot of things you said. It was uncommon when you saw big guys like The legendary Undertaker do dropkicks, and dives, and move the way they did back then. We see a lot of big guys like that today.

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