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Should I start trusting myself on women again?

Advice? Should I start trusting myself on women agian? It took me about a few months to forget about how the last one f***** me over and now I’m just worried about myself. But there is this one girl that works at this gas station where I live. I go there to get gas almost every week or so but every time I see her we speak and she is always smiling and blushing. I wanna try to make a move but my instinct is telling me to stay to myself cause now I’m cautious on who I get close to. I was always told everyone is not the same but when that one person crosses the line with me that’s it. I just saw her today walking home after work. I started to stop at first to ask do she need a ride home but kept going because my instinct is still about how I got used in my last relationship. Any advice on the next time I see her?

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    You need to work on your trust issues first. It's normal to have trust issues after you've been hurt but take it slow. Make a move and ask her out or ask her if she wants a ride home like you were going to. if you are ready but don't push yourself if you are not. It will take time. Don't think she will f*ck you over like your last girlfriend. Not everyone is the same like you said. You can still be cautious, it can be a good thing. I'm also like that, if someone crosses the line then I'm done but remember she's not her so don't think she will do the same. It's not a healthy mindset to have.

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    You have a bit of trust issues. Understandable. Take it slow. Trust your gut. Learn from your mistakes. You'll probably regret it if you don't at least try so take a chance.

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