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Yesterday my usb ports stopped working. The only one that works out of the 6 is the port that my speakers are plugged into. I tried to connect my mouse to the same port and it didn t work. My mouse and my keyboard work on my laptop, but not on my pc!


Any suggestions would be helpful. I also tried resetting my pc. my keyboard and mouse lit up for a couple of seconds and turned off again.

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    If you don't have keyboard and mouse access then you are pretty limited and Richard's method won't work - presumably you hadn't updated your question then. Boot into the BIOS - can you get keyboard access in the BIOS? if you can this would point to a windows software problem. If you can't get access in the BIOS then you have a hardware problem

    If the former insert your windows Recovery disc and perform a repair or reinstallation or do a factory restore from the recovery partition if the computer has one.

    If the latter you could buy a USB PCI-e card such as this

    which would plug into the motherboard and give you some USB ports back, otherwise take it to a tech

  • Anonymous
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    Yeah, I've seen this hundreds of times.

    Your Platform Control Hub chip, aka chipset is going bad and the motherboard is dying.

    USB and SATA ports working intermittently of not working at all is a sure sign your board is on the fritz. You can go reset the BIOS if you want but it's not like the BIOS grained a consciousness and decided to turn off the USB function as a practical joke.

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    Yes Microsoft did some kind of update in the last couple days that stops the most from working kills the keyboard makes the USB ports fail and so far the stuff on the internet that says how to fix it doesn't work you can't get into your device manager to do a darn thing or into your control panel to do a darn thing if your keyboard and your mouse don't work and all four cases I had to totally reinstall Windows 10 for my customer to make the problem go away I hope you don't have to do the same

    • David
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      2 years agoReport Here is the fix

  • 2 years ago

    Refer to Device Manager.

    Follow enclosed instructions for repair

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