Guns + Knifes On The Streets, Or The NHS Which Is More Scary.?


Perhaps A Street Bomber, None Can Match The NHS, Slow Cruel Deaths, A Big Bang And Your Gone But Slow Flesh Eating Deceases Left To Eat You Alive, Which Would Be Your Choice Of Hopting Out.

Update 2:

Loo - Tennant Thanks For Your Reasoning Your Correct, The NHS As Worked Wonders For The World, Its 6 Billion In Owed By The World For Free Medical Care While At The Same Time Generating Billions Of Credit For The Banks, The Debt Own To The NHS It Can Never Be Claimed From Foreign Customers, Millions Of NHS Brit Born Patients Stopped From Assessing Treatments. Its A Shame A Little China Man In Paddy Fields Working With New Heart Transplant From NHS Overseas.

Update 3:

While Thousands Expected To Kill Them Selves Drugs Secretly Denied, No Money Left In Pot For Brit Nationals. But Which Scares You More Gun Or NHS.

Update 4:

NHS Figures Claim That Up To 5,000 NHS Patients Were Sent Home After Breast Scanned Reviled Cancers. But They Were Cleared Of Breast Cancers, The Checks Were Carried Out By Staff Who Had Never Been Trained To Read Exray + Scans For Cancers, The NHS, Terrorised Me.

Update 5:

Peter Gore Seer,

The NHS As Apologised On TV, Brob In Press As Well They Removed Drugs Out Of Mentally Poorly, Taking The Type A Action Knowing That People Will Kill Themselves, Just For Profit Is State Murder, On Three Occasion I Informed My Doctor That My Med Was Fake, He Should Have Had It Tested, He Is Under A Oath To Help Me, He To Is A Paid Assassin. The NHS, Chemists, Drugs Corporation,Doctors, Politicians, Law Courts, All Are Guilty Of Mass Murder. R.I.P.

Update 6:

GOV Have Put Another Nail In My Benefits, NHS Staff To Have Huge Pay Rise, I Cannot Afford This Pay Out Of My Generous Huge Pension.

Update 7:

The NHS Is A Huge Business Created Into Cartels, And The NHS Is Trading On The International Medical Health Markets Making Huge Profits, Its A Billion £ Profit Making Cartel, So Why The F Are We Paying Salaries To NHS Staff And More Funding When Its Self Supporting On The International Markets.

Update 8:

According To The BBC, There Is Well Over A Million Law Suites ND rising For Incompetence Maiming And Death's, I Think Thats More Clear I Believe And Teresa May As Anouce The USA Have A Interest In The NHS Its Not Made Clear How But Its Usually The Finance Which Disappears Up A ?.

Update 9:

The BBC Have Reported That Coroner's Have Covered Up NHS Deaths, More Legal Deaths, People Are Scared To Go In Hospital's. No Mercy Shown.

3 Answers

  • 2 years ago

    Guns & knives are scary.


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  • 2 years ago

    Not sure I understand the question. Our NHS is the envy of the world!

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  • helen
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    They are both scary, I couldn't choose

    • Peter2 years agoReport

      The NHS As Killed Far More People Than Guns + Knifes. There Are More Killing In Police Custardy Than The GUN Or Knife.

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