Could visitation be too traumatic for baby?

I have custody of my grand daughter and she had a visitation at about a year old. It was the first time since she was 2 most that the father saw her due to the fact that he had a restraining order (that the mother dropped at a later date) for head butting the mother while she was holding her. (He never got child endangerment charge or anything and did it in front of his other five year old) He never applied to the court to have visits at all until right before she was 1. The visit went horrible the person who was supervising ( an agency) just let her scream for 26 minutes . I could hear her screaming from outside the building. The mother said she was going to call the police..It was a mess. I was on the phone with DCPP telling them it had to be stopped. We were finally permitted to go up in the room and she was standing in the middle of the floor screaming. Since then, we have problems taking her in places like an office or in a room with other people because she thinks we are leaving her. There were problems with her going to bed as well as when we went to leave a room. The people were told she was not to d=cry for more than 10 minutes and they didn t listen. The mother had to file another restraining order on him because he was stalking her and such) and the Judge stopped the visitation until it went to court with the DCPP Judge. The Judge ordered visitation at a whole different place and the baby is now 18 months old. This can t be good for the baby

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    Is there a lawyer involved here?

    the mother needs to make the most of the charges against him, and also look into the social services agency that would be involved in the visitation. The little girl also needs some therapy sessions to minimize the damage already done. A referral from her pediatrician should be requested immediately - the mother and grandmother aren't wrong to rescue her from the situation, but in doing so, may also reinforce her fear of it. A child psychologist could help mitigate it. If things don't improve, they might ask for a GAL.

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    The baby doesn't recognize who the guy is at that point. It could have been anyone. The screaming could have been anything from being hungry to being mad that you took away her toy when you left the room. Toddlers scream. It's normal.

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    It is always a difficult situation which the other parent has not helped by not following through with the complaint against him... meaning he was never convicted and sentenced which then means without that is is innocent ( as he needed to be proved guilty of the offence) This would have affected the judges decision and based on the right of a child to know both parents that is what the judge decided, that it was the right thing to do to allow the child to get to know the father.

    How the 'supervising people' do this is down to their professionalism and KNOWING about child development for that age or it sound lack of it. All babies of that age NEED to know they are safe and secure or they cry and get distressed and 'crying for 10 minutes' is really not acceptable let alone what you claim that it was longer. the supervisors should have visited and payed with the baby several times along with you to ensure the baby was happy they were safe and they were not strangers before ever introducing another stranger into the mix and toddlers of 18 months can be very 'stranger' aware they NEED safety and security not isolation and force away from their secure known family...... so my concern would be with them and what they are prepared to do to establish the toddlers security and recognising them BEFORE any meetings with the father, as their lack of child care has impacted on you and your fear and now you ( understandably) are passing that insecurity onto the child.

    For the childs sake ONLY could you not make contact with the people supervising her and ask them to visit you in your home to build the toddlers recognition skills of them, so they play with her in her own safe home so it is not a shock to the toddler when she sees them..... for a child of that age things needs to be taken slowly to build their confidence and NO professionals would want to rush that given the childs past experiences

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    good thing kids are tough. by the time she's five, she won't recall any of this.

    if you want to argue with judge, that's your right ... but if you violate the judge's order, it could be YOU who'll be absent because YOU'LL be in jail for contempt

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    Well it’s up to the courts discretion. Being left alone with 2 strangers is very stressful on a baby.

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