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Do white people particularly blondes have an advantage compared to minorities in the U.S.?

If you look at our movie industries, very few minorities are heroes. Black Panther is mostly black actors. Both Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee are resorted to martial arts and John Cho and Lucy Liu are considered B actors compared to white actors. Same thing with sports. Even though there are many blacks in NBA and NFL, often times white people are either quarterbacks or coaches or owners and let the grunt work for blacks. In technology and electronics, there are a lot of asians but very few are wealthy compared to white people. I'm not saying this is bad, America is a white country after all.


Servus 2.0, so you're ok with racism?

Update 2:

Servus 2.0, can't come up with the right words can you? lmao.

Update 3:

jimm, you're just showing your own racism by implying there is no racists in America, can you prove it please that there is absolutely no racists in America??

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    the problem with your question is that your average white person in america is sheltered and closed-off from different cultures and perspectives.

    so many of them are unaware or ignorant about racism and prejudice.

    they only see problems within their own bubble which is why many of them deny their privilege or are unaware of it

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      There is no such thing as white privilege. Each person is different, just because a person is "privileged" doesn't mean that the race of said person is automatically privileged.

      I dare you to prove me wrong.

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    John Cho is a b actor.

    He made one stoner comedy and had a failed tv series. You don't get a lot of second chances when you fail in Hollywood.

    Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee were martial artists, which is how they got acting jobs. They aren't actors who were forced to learn martial arts for parts. Oh and in direct contradiction to your claim, they play heroes.

    Lucy Liu is a middle aged actress who has never opened a movie on her own and peaked as yet another tv detective. Hollywood is about making money.

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      No, Bruce Lee was a child actor first before he became a martial artist!

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    No. That is a myth

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    When Christ returns each tribe of people will go back to their own country and be with their own kind. This will solve many problems because put simply, the races are different and were created for different things. God loves all the races He created, in Genesis 1:31 He looked and said they were "very good". God's natural way is kind after kind.

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    Do whites have affirmative action?

    Do whites have thousands of race only scholarships?

    Do whites have a history month dedicated to them?

    How am I implying there is no racism??

    I just gave you 3 examples of racism

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      Like Servus pointed out Affirmative Action was started in the 60s because black people in the south were harrassed during the peak of the civil rights movement. If you think things aren't equal now, things were a lot worse back then.

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    Because they're heaven sent.

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    Who ever earns more gets the Front Page. Remember Blacks are only 12% of the population, theres just not enough that want to act or can?? Just like anyone else.

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    In a country where there is freedom, any person can do anything they want, as long as they aren't harming other people.

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