What are my bf rights since he is 17 in georgia and what legal procedures can he take so he can stay with his child?

Basically I'm pregnant and due in 4 months my boyfriend is 17 and he wants to be their and help me take care of our child but his mom doesn't like me so she's threatening to send him away to a boot camp or juvenile camp and I need him to be here for the baby but just don't know what he can do to stay for us

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  • 3 years ago
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    There is the possibility of him becoming an emancipated minor. Can he support himself? Does he have a job and is it enough to pay for a place to live? He should see a lawyer. If he can't afford one, he can go to Legal Aid and get help.

    He may not be able to be emancipated, in which case tell him to count the days until he turns 18. However, you should both check with a lawyer, as it may be illegal for him to have sex with you once he's an adult since you'll be a minor, even though you're the mother of his child. That's what the other reference meant to "Romeo and Juliet" laws. While you're both minors it's not illegal to have sex, but technically it will be when he's an adult. His mother is such a piece of work that you have to wonder if she'd report her own son for rape once you're underage and he's an adult.

    Start making plans now: how will you complete school? Will your parents help you with the baby? How will he make a living when he turns 18, enough so that he doesn't live at home with his parents? How will you together afford to raise a child?

    Your boyfriend can also see if he can get someone to talk to his mother. Is there anyone she respects that she would listen to?

    Your boyfriend should also talk to his mother, calmly. Ask him to point out to her that this is her grandchild, and that she should want to see her own grandchild, and that getting along with you will help all of you form a family. She may not listen right now, but she may think about it later.

    He should also tell her that, while she can do whatever she wants to him while he's 17, when he turns 18 he will make his own choices, and if she wants those choice to include being in his life, she shouldn't prevent him from being a man and seeing his own child.

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    3 years ago

    At 17 he is so stupid to be having a baby, has'nt he heard of condoms? i am sorry, but you will be a single mother, at 17 he cannot afford a child, you will have to chase him for support, his mother supports him, she decides where he lives until he is 18.

  • Athena
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    3 years ago

    He is a minor.

    Wait until he is 18.

  • 3 years ago

    He has no rights because he is minor - a child. If you are of adult age, you basically raped/molested him. Who could blame his mother for wanting to protect him. If you are both minors, he still has no rights, except the right to be criminally charged for bonking a minor, and he will go to prison for 20 years and have to be registered as a sex offender, rapist, pedophile. I know you don't like this answer. You have a lot to learn. Neither of you can legally keep your child without a parent willing to take on the responsibility.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience.
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  • 3 years ago

    Tell him to stay home and get a job. You are going to need money once the baby is born- and once the baby is born, you NEED to file inn court for custody and child support. He will be assigned payments to be made, and until he is 18 and an adult, his parents will be actually be responsible for that. It isn't punishment- it's his share of what it will cost to raise the child- babies are not free.

    He should talk to his mother about visiting, but in general, his job is going to be to find a way to make money. His mother can't do anything about him being the father of your child. The court will require a DNA test, and DNA does not lie.

  • 3 years ago

    Ugh, mother's like that disgust me. Have they forgotten that they are women?

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    What was it that you had in mind? The age of majority is 18 in Georgia. Your boyfriend needs his parents' consent to marry until he is 18. However, he will be required to provide child support. Nothing his parents can do to prevent that.

    Once you are both 18 you can rent an apartment, get married and move in together. But this will be extremely tough. All three of you will need to be able to live on what he earns unless you were planning to get a baby sitter and go back to work.

    What you cannot do is move in with him at his home. His mother has made it perfectly clear that this is not an option.

  • 3 years ago

    get married. problem solved then since, legally, a married person under age 18 is no longer under his parent(s)' thumb

  • sats
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    3 years ago

    He is 17, he has no rights, making a baby doesn't give him any. Still under parents rule.

  • 3 years ago

    Mom cannot send him anywhere. If you have a place for him, let him stay with you.

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