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Cutting with Low Carbs - pointless?

Hello guys and gals!

Before I pop the question on my mind a little bit of information is required.

Been a gym regular for around 10 months now. I usually train 6 times per week.

My daily meals are usually high on carbs - oats, potatoes, rice etc.

My main gripe currently is that I still got some fat around my waist that I want to get rid of. Prior to these 10 months of training I was very overweight and I've managed in this time period to lose massive amount of weight while bulking up and improving my frame to a degree where you can tell that I work out.

I thought about doing a Low Carb diet for 2 or 3 months but I fail to see the point as after those 2 or 3 months I'll be back to high carb eating meals and all will go back to normal.

Is it a more viable option to have a separate work out where I only do cardio? For example 3 times a week I'll have a separate 30 min to an hour cardio workout? I could also tighten a bit my eating to decrease unnecessary foods which happens every now and then. Maybe cut a bit the daily healthy fats intake?

Walnuts/Almonds + Avocado might be an overkill for a day? Also I do have days where I might eat up towards 6 whole eggs. Perhaps I should do 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg? Or I could replace one of my daily carbs intakes [the last one that's usually between 6/7/8 PM] with green veggies? I usually don't take carbs after 8 PM and my last meal consists of eggs or cotton cheese usually.

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    You want your cutting diet to be low calorie, but not necessarily low carbs. Scientific studies show little to no difference between low-carb diets and low-fat diets, as long as the total number of calories is kept constant.

    Eating carbs during a diet can particularly make sense for an athlete: lacking calories will already make you weak and make your gym sessions less efficient, but lacking carbs will make you even weaker. Moreover you probably don't need as much fats (which are building blocks for new cells) as when you're bulking, just don't let your testosterone level drop down.

    Choose whichever strategy which allows you to feel like you have sufficient energy in the gym (i.e. sufficient carbs), for a given calorie objective, without sacrificing your minimal needs in terms of (essential) fats and proteins. There is some balance to find, which is different for each person. Obviously if you do some cardio this would lead you to more of a high-carbs diet.

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  • Kano
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    Not pointless your damaging your health with a high carb diet, your insulin levels will slowly climb over time and cells will become insulin resistant, (type 2 diabetes)

    I really think bulking up is stupid, the gain in muscle is very marginal, Yes the pro bodybuilders do it, because in competition every ounce of muscle counts, but for the average guy a good high protein/fat diet would be just as good.

    Eat whole eggs they are not harmful (the cholesterol myth has been busted) egg yolk contains other nutrients that help growth.

    Dont cut back on healthy fats we need them.

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