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Kyle asked in SportsBaseball · 2 years ago

Do you think Jason Heyward will opt out of his contract after this year?

He can opt out after 2018 to be a unrestricted free agent again. Heyward has already said he'll take less money to play with a good team. and with Harper likely being a ufa also in 2019, it's possible Heyward will opt out, re construct his contract with the Cubs, and the Cubs sign Harper. Heyward could still play RF, and put Harper in CF. either move Almora Jr to LF, with the possibility of trading Schwarber, Happ or Zobrist for pitching.

The Cubs are still looking to get a TV deal, i think after 2019, which will help bring more money in. but, after signing Yu to a six year deal, they may need to look elsewhere from within if they want to sign Harper.

Bryant just got a one year, $10 million deal via arbitration, and will also look to extend him as well. but it'll be hard with Bryant and Harper both have Scott Boras as their agent. along with Addison Russell, though as good as Russell is, he's not a super star like Bryant or Harper. Bryant's not a UFA until 2022, when he'll be 30. And Boras has already said that he's a cornerstone player for the Cubs, but you never know.

Harper said he's not focusing on 2019. he's focusing on playing hard this year and winning. of course he's thinking about 2019. playing well this year will help him solidify in getting the richest contract in sports history.

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    He won't turn down that money because he won't get anything remotely close to that on the open market.

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    It would be great for the Cubs if he did but no one is going to give him anywhere close to the money that the Cubs owe. He'll have 5 years and $106M left on his contract after this season so he'd be an idiot to turn that money down. The boy is a parasite who's content to sit and collect a paycheck.

  • David
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    2 years ago

    "the richest contract in sports history". What? How has he earned that???

    • Kyle
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      that's just the rumor of the projected value he's going to get. it's been told numerous times by reporters the past couple of years. and if he plays well this year, expect him to get that contract.

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