Technically Could You Say I Am A Spy, For A Alien Society, Who Send Me Secret Massages, Like mangano calcite + amethyst + Lavender Perfume.?

Update: Peter Gore Seer,
The Perfume Creates A Memory Of My Mom,
Update 2: I Am Employed As A Mental Health Sufferer, Its My Cover Disguise, I Realise That Skull Spy s Pretend To Be Paparazzi When Terrorise Ex Member Of The Royal Family, But I Don't Attack And Its Not My Fault The Skull Pays My Way. Have You Look Into The Amethyst You Will Se A Face Looking At You,
Update 3: I Am A UK Company Employee, Under National Insurance, But The UK Company Is The USA, Not Brit, All Or Most Leading Gov Employees Are Groom For Brit Government To Run Britain For US Policy Not Britain, So Who Is Not A Spy Is The Real Question?.
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