Online math school for Precal?

I plan to have a tutor and study precal/algebra correspondance. Athabasca University in Canada has a couple good courses but since I am not currently living in Canada they charge an extra fee. Basically I want to pass precal from anywhere in the world. I have found some good resources for studying (Khan academy etc) and several places to learn but I am looking for a low cost school to pass a test.

What is a cheap place to take a precal course correspondance/write a precal exam from? It can be from anywhere in the world that is in English. I am of course expecting to pay, just not more than I have to.

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  • 2 years ago
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    A word to the wise that it's generally recommended to *not* take math (or science) classes from online. An on-campus math course should allow the student to readily ask more questions and/or view other students' questions to be answered by the instructor.

    With regard to online classes, please forgo those for-profit schools as their course credits usually do NOT transfer to other schools, even if the for-profit school is regionally accredited.

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