Have you ever loved someone that you never met in person?

I fell in love with this one guy and he was such a nice guy we never met in person just FaceTime and text

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    3 years ago
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    no... falling in love is a process which takes time, in person, getting to know someone. And it takes more than a week or a month or even a few months. NOT over the internet. You can't "know" someone, or their daily habits, or how they treat others, or how they'd treat you in person from an internet friendship. And most people who finally meet the person they have been talking with over the internet, are sorely disappointed when they meet because they meet someone they never expected at all. There was a survey done a couple years ago and out of 250 people who finally met their LDR person, over 98% were let down when they met their LDR.

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    3 years ago

    Yes, but I wouldn't call it falling in love. More like falling in obsession.

    But your situation is a bit different. You're actually having conversations with this person, even if it is only via text. So, I can see it happening. But I would try to check those feelings a bit until you actually meet him. Don't stomp on the feelings. Just put a control valve on them. There's a lot of things one can't see about a person from just texting. And if you control your expectations a bit, you're more open to explore and let the relationship grow and develop in it's own, and some times pleasantly surprising, direction.

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