I have a phone line so I can get dsl right?

I don t really live in a remote home my house is just far away from the road I live on. I ve had dsl in the past but now I currently have Hughes net which is terrible. About a 2 weeks ago I tried to get dsl again with at&t and they told me dsl wasn t available where I live anymore but phone is. So I was wondering if home phone is available for my house should dsl be available too? I really need some help here so I appreciate any feedback.

(I just need something fast enough for online gaming)

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    Depends on you're provider

  • Andy T
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    2 years ago

    You did not press your question further with AT&T but they are essentially right, DSL has a distance limit compare to just a phone; the simple fact phones were invented nearly 1.5 centuries ago might hinted you something along the line of electricity.

    DSL service has distance limit, between the central operating office and the customer.

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    Dial-up is

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    Having a phone line does not automatically mean you should have internet. Best example of this to explain is: There are 1000s of people who live out in the county areas outside their city limit who have phone service, but no internet access.

    The fact you had ATT DSL service capability at your home, but don't now, is not surprising to hear. ATT has been phasing out DSL and replacing it with ATT U-verse high speed internet. At the time ATT replaced my DSL with Uverse (in 2016), I was told that the phase out date of completion was supposed to be 2020. In areas where they were not replacing with Uverse they were supposedly going to keep the DSL in place however (this per the technician who installed mine). So it's odd your location got completely snipped from DSL but not replaced with Uverse, but only ATT can tell you why that would happen IF that's what happened at your lcoation.

    When you talked to ATT did you not ask them why they stopped DSL service? Did you ask them did they have any alternative suggestions for you for getting high speed internet? If you didn't ask any of these questions, I would suggest calling back. The customer support rep you get on the phone this time may be more knowledgeable (and helpful) than the other. But ask them specifically about ATT Uverse too and see if that is available at your location. Uverse is very very fast. I thought DSL was fast, but for me Uverse is MUCH faster.

    If ATT can't provide you its Uverse package, and when you ask if there are any alternatives they can provide for you and if they say there are none, then you should call your city hall and ask what companies are providing internet service to your location. Before signing up for anything they tell you, be sure and do some research on the companies first to make sure they are not as bad as Hughes Net.

    A friend of mine lives way out in the county and has no internet access so he signed up for internet services thru his cell phone provider Verizon. He says it's not lightning fast, but it's NOT turtle slow either. So that's another option to consider.

  • ron h
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    2 years ago

    Call the phone co again, but most lilely they're telling you the truth--it's not normal for a business to turn down a customer if they don't have to. Have you talked to the cable co in your area?

  • Jim2
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    2 years ago

    If no phone company will give you DSL no phone company will give you DSL. I am in the same situation. I can't get cable internet (comcast) either. What I do is use Mobile broadband, AKA MIFI, which is just a device like a cell phone attached to a usb port on your computer. Actually, you can use a cell phone if you can either do a mobile hotspot on it, or if you can do USB tethering. (Just connect your usb charging cable to a usb port on your computer). I can do both but use the MIFI device. For some reason a cell phone seems to use more data for the same amount of browsing, though it does connect more quickly. Verizon, Sprint, and At&t all have such MIFI devices. I have no complaints about the connection speed, and pay 100.00 / month for two phones plus the Device.

    Oh, I mentioned using data because the drawback is you have to pay extra for anything over 40 gb in my plan

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    You had DSL before. Why did you switch to Hughes net? DSL will normally originate from the same exchange and use the same phone line as a phone line. The exception is FTTC, where the phone line comes from the exchange, but the Internet is added in a street cabinet so that both services arrive at your house on the same line. In this case, the Internet service is often using VDSL.

    There are various reasons why DSL may no longer be available. If you are the only household in your location, then FTTC will not be cost effective. However, if other AT&T customers have all switched to FTTC where they are, then the slower ADSL that you were probably using before may have been removed from the exchange. If ADSL is no longer available, and you are not in an FTTC area, then that could explain the problem. There are probably other scenarios.

    Are there any other ISPs you can consider. Perhaps Cellular Internet is another alternative.

  • Froll
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    2 years ago

    Not necessarily. There are only so many slots available in the box. When you had DSL, you were hooked to one of those slots. After you went to Hughes Net, your slot was probably assigned to someone else and there are currently no more slots available in the box.

  • L
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    Just because you can get voice service does not mean you can get DSL service. Yes, DSL can use the same local loop that carries voice, but the distance between your location and the location of the service provider's Central Office (CO) makes a huge difference. The further away from the CO, the slower the DSL data throughput.

    It sounds like you are out on the edge - It is likely DSL will be very slow and will not be "fast enough for online gaming".

    Since we don't know where you are or the actual distance (length of the copper) between your house and the central office - or the quality of the copper - there is no way for us to know for sure. Believe your phone company when they tell you DSL won't work. They would love to take your money, but not in exchange for poor service that will have you on with their customer service daily.

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