Am I being scammed from Gtek?

There is a computer technical comp called Gtek. I signed on for a 1yr plan where they call me once a month and clean up my computer of viruses, errors etc.. remotely. It cost me approx $200.00. Every other month they usually sell me (or try to sell me) more software to clean up this or that or to prevent this or that saying that it's imperitive to the safety of my identity, bank info etc... Well, just last night the tech told me to buy two Itune gift cards, each for $100.00 and to give her the code on the back in order to gain access to other software and that Gtek would mail that money back to me. Am I being scammed?

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    2 years ago
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    let me get this straight

    you pay 200/year for a company to have access to your computer once/month to clean out viruses and now you are worried cos they want you to spend 200 to get access to more software?

    Did it never cross your mind to buy antivirus software costing say 30$ /year to give you 24/7 coverage against viruses and not just clean them out once/month?

    (you aint BEING scammed - you already BEEN scammed)

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    Gtek is a virus company themselves. You're paying for a virus.

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    Sounds like the entire thing is a scam.

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    You were scammed when you first signed up for their service, and now they're trying to scam you again.

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    No it's legit

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    sorry to tell you but the answer is "Yes".

    follow this link and download and install

    CCleaner, AVG Free version, and Malwarebytes. these will do all that you need for FREE.


    this will help you

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