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Will we ever get public access to the Australian sex offender's registry?

I would like to once and for all prove to some people I'm not what I used to say about myself here. I used to tell lies about myself being a paedophile when I was never one.

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  • LAN
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    3 years ago

    The reason we all know that you are likely a mentally ill idiot with those kind of urges is that you can't keep from posting about them over and over. A sane person wouldn't feel the need for validation or vindication. You are mentally ill. And now that you are once again back to posting over and over about this topic it's time for everyone to write into the FBI tip line again and let them know that you are once again posting about your desire to molest children in your insane and round about way. The way you constantly focus on this shows anyone with any intelligence that you represent a very real threat to any children around you.

    Here is the link to post at for tipping the FBI about this sexual deviant...

    If anyone here knows the Australian equivalent of the FBI please post a link for it here so we can get this insane degenerate locked up for good.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Well i can tell you Raghead,Arri,Johnh and old timer are all on it

  • 3 years ago

    No. The police know where the sex offenders are and also know what they have done. The general public does not know what they have done but will victimise anyone they perceive to be a sex offender. There are some nasty sex offenders out there, there are also some who have broken the law but are not a threat to anyone. There was a case of an 18 year old whose girlfriend was 15, almost 16. They had sex which was completely consensual. Unfortunately the girl was below the age of consent and the boy was charged. He is on the sex offenders list but does not deserve the treatment he will receive should that be known. As it happened, someone discovered he was a sex offender and he and his house were targetted by vigilantes who heard "sex offender" but knew nothing about the case. He and his family had to move.

    The police know where the sex offenders are and as long as they do not reoffend, no-one else needs to know. Most of them do not reoffend.

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