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Should I quit playing football my senior year ?

I’m a junior and it January and weightroom for next season hasn’t started. I’m supposed to be a starter next year I guess and the coaches are wondering why I’m not at weightroom. The thing is... I don’t like football. My junior year I didn’t get a whole lot of playing time and sophomore year I got a lot on the lower team (JV). But at the beggining of my junior year I wanted out. I hated practice and hated the games and hated most everyone on my team. I don’t really have any friends on the team which really sucks also. But, that’s not the main reasons. I love music and art. I play organ, guitar, bass, sing, and play keys and I have just started to write songs and I love it. I also am getting well known for my drawing and sketching around my community because they are pretty good and I love doing that too. But football, I just don’t like it anymore. And to be honest I never really did all that much. I don’t watch it really and I don’t really like playing it. It’s a lot of money on my parents for me to play and it’s really emotionally draining on me. I also have my whole career planned out after high school and have never though once about playing sports in college. I have made a meeting with my head coach (who is I guess good friends wit my family) this coming Friday. (Its Wednesday today) and I’m quite nervous about this talk I’m going to have. He will be dissapointed but I hope he understands. Am I doing the right thing? This has been killing me Pls help

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    Omgosh, first off all, I'm so glad you like Arts!

    Wait, why are you going to all these soccer things for like 3 years let alone one, if you're not interested? You're just wasting time and money when you could be doing something you love and your artistic skills would probably be super good by now. Okay, I'm not trying to make you regret, but just wondering, is it because your family WANTS you to play soccer..? Or you didn't know what to do and just wanted to find a new hobby? But hey, look at the bright side! You learned a new skill!

    Okay, I would always tell ANYONE to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. Follow your heart. Do what you LIKE. Not what people tell you to do. Don't live someone else's dreams just because they made wrong decisions when they were young (ahem, parents).

    If I were you, I would totally quit soccer like rn and go draw something. Haha, well, I'm a person who works with passion so I would never do something I don't like/ not interested in for THAT long.

    I think you ARE doing the right thing. Like??? You are doing what you love! What you want. I guess yes, it could be kind of a shocker to your family and your coach because you've been going to soccer for years and never quit (or complained?). They MIGHT get angry for like a few days, maybe a week, because they spent all that money for you to do something you hated.

    But I'm sure they would forgive you afterwards and be happy for you.

    And it's great that you're getting recognized for your art work. That's totally awesome! I'm assuming your family knows, right?

    So they would be totes okay with you changing your hobbies (or whatever you call it). And if you show them your career plans, I'm sure they would be wowed by how much you want to go down the art path. And I'm so sure they would support you.

    Good luck!! If anything goes wrong, just know that sometimes, even if the whole world is against you, you NEED to stand up for yourself, and decide what's best for you, and the people around you. But you should always put yourself first, it sounds selfish, but, this is your life. You only get ONE chance. So make the best of it, and do what makes you happy! x

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    Tell him you hate football, it's a dumb sport and don't want to run into someone everyday for 2 hours at practice and for what?

    The team sucks anyway, Lost most of the games last you. So Forget You, Brah!, and storm out of there.

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    If you don't like it, don't do it. Do what makes YOU happy

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