1. How many days are sufficient for vacation in Victoria BC? 2. Best way to get there from Seattle? 3. Main activities in Victoria BC?

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    2 years ago
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    If you don't want to drive through a big big city like Vancouver BC, you need to get on a ferry that goes straight to Victoria. I prefer the ferries every time.

    This time of year (winter) you can visit the gardens like Butchart but they are mostly water features and structural, not blooming of course. I believe they're open all year long. It's been a while since I've been but it was during our spring break in March--very cold but still fun.

    There was a lovely butterfly garden you could tour and that was indoors (very much like the one at Pac Sci Center in Seattle).

    There is the Empress Hotel, which serves high tea--beautiful building too.

    There is Craigdarroch Castle -- really cool.

    The Royal British Columbia Museum which is a history and natural history museum--really extensive. Lots of cool stuff for kids and adults.

    A ferry to Nanaimo is also there and that can be a fun side trip.

    If you aren't traveling with babies, toddlers and young children--and are somebody who is active and organized but wants to actually take time to see everything (not race), you could do at least the Victoria stuff I've listed above (minus Nanaimo) in about 3 days.

    I would prefer the ferry from Seattle rather than driving through Vancouver BC. It adds an adventure.

    I've suggest at least a small car for getting around.

    My first trip to Victoria was via a big private car and walk-on ferry that traveled from Port Angeles to Victoria. It is more of an open-ocean ferry and not for people with sea sickness--but it adds a lot more adventure. Taking a small car on it saves money, and then you have a way to get around. Just my personal taste.

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  • NWIP
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    2 years ago

    Multiple choices

    Port Angeles to Victoria via the Coho. It’s about 2 1/2 hours from Seattle to PA then 90 minutes on the ferry that goes right to downtown. Older ferry but keeps on going. You can drive or walk on. Parking in PA is $10-15 a day. In certain times of year if driving you need to make a reservation.

    Clipper from downtown Seattle to downtown Victoria it is passenger only.

    Anacortes to Sidney which is an incredible trip if you get the chance.

    Tswassen to Swartz Bay which is a car ferry - drive up through Blaine and then catch the ferry.

    Can go by train from Seattle to Vancouver and then get a bus or taxi to Tswassen

    Seaplane or commercial flight is the other options

    2-3 days minimum. Royal BC Museum, Buchart Gardens, Beacon Hill Park, walking around, breakwater, university of Victoria, Oak Bay/Beach Drive...

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  • SteveN
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    2 years ago

    You can drive from Seattle to Port Angeles, WA and then take a ferry directly to Victoria (BC) Canada. This is good if you will be two or more people, since sharing a ride will be less expensive than flights, bus, or train.

    Or if you do not drive or don't want to take a car, I'd probably consider the Amtrak train. The Amtrak "Cascades" starts in Eugene (OR) and heads north up through Seattle (WA), and all the way to Vancouver (BC). You can then catch a ferry from that city to Victoria.



    Greyhound also offers service between Seattle (WA) and Vancouver (BC). It will may be cheaper than by train.

    Remember to bring your passport book, passport card, or Enhanced Driver License.


    As for how long to stay. That's up to you and why you want to go to Victoria in the first place. In my opinion, it's not worth travelling 5-6 hours or more to get somewhere that you will only stay a day before you have to start heading back. I'd look at assigning a long weekend for the trip. Maybe a day to get there, 2-3 days to explore, and then a day to get back.

    Those travel days are not full days, but it gives you time to get there, relax, and grab a bite while getting acquainted with the area. The day to get back is to let you check out of the hotel, grab a good breakfast, and then go back home and be back in time for dinner/supper. You also factor in delays at customs, traffic jams, road detours, and weather that way.

    Finally, without knowing your interests, I'd just be shouting out various places to go that may not entertain you. I would say that Victoria tends to be a city that has a much more relaxed and laid back lifestyle than most of Canada. Many Canadians will head there for the better weather and for retirement. But it's not some huge senior's residence! It's more about having an active lifestyle that's away from hustle-bustle, but still offers a lot of things to do.


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  • 2 years ago

    You can get there by ferry. It's a small city, However, the surrounding area is gorgeous and worth spending some time if you enjoy boating, fishing, other outdoor activities. It's also a ferry ride way from Vancouver, which is well worth visiting.

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  • 2 years ago

    2 days ..its not very big ...swim or ferry ..seattle's not that far away ..when i was there the main activity was a guy trying to break to world record for squatting up a pole ...its an island that needs a car to see it properly

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