Poll: IYO, Which tv show do you think is better as original vs. spin-off and why?

1. The Tracy Ullman Show vs. The Simpsons

2. Love, American Style vs. Happy Days vs. Laverne & Shirley vs. Mork & Mindy

3. Cheers vs. Fraiser

4. Star Trek vs. Star Trek: The Next Generation vs. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine vs. Star Trek: Voyager vs. Star Trek: Enterprise

5. All in the Family vs. Maude vs. The Jeffersons

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. Angel

7. Dif'ferent Strokes vs. The Facts of Life

8. Good Morning, Miss Bliss vs. Saved By The Bell vs. Saved By The Bell: The New Class

7. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation vs. CSI: Miami vs. CSI: New York

10. Law and Order vs. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

11. JAG vs. NCIS vs. NCIS: Los Angeles vs. NCIS: New Orleans

12. Perfect Stangers vs. Family Matters

12. The Mary Tyler Moore Show vs. Rhoda

13. The Cosby Show vs. A Different World

14. Hercules: The Legendary Journey vs. Xena: Warrior Princess

15. Breaking Bad vs. Better Call Saul

16. Doctor Who vs. Torchwood vs. Sara Jane Adventures

17. Beavis and Butt-Head vs. Daria

18. The Danny Thomas Show vs. The Andy Griffith Show vs. Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

19. Beverly Hills, 90210 vs. Melrose Place

20. The Carol Burnett vs. Mama's Family

21. Full House vs. Fuller House

22. The Golden Girls vs. Empty Nest

23. Grey's Anatomy vs. Private Practice

24. Hot in Cleveland vs. The Soul Man

25. The Walking Dead vs. Fear the Walking Dead

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  • 3 years ago
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    1. The Simpsons cuz it's been on for nearly 30 years

    2. Happy Days cuz of the Fonz.. ayyyyy

    3. Cheers cuz it's geared toward the common man but still very intelligent.

    4. Star Trek cuz it's fresh and had it's roots firmly in theatrical storytelling

    5. All in the Family because it had more of an edge

    6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer cuz Buffy is HOT

    7. Dif'ferent Strokes cuz whatchoo talkin bout Willis?

    8. Saved By The Bell cuz Screech

    7. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation had the best cast

    10. Law and Order cuz of the way they told the story

    11. JAG cuz Catherine Bell

    12. Family Matters Did I do thaaaaaaat?

    12. The Mary Tyler Moore Show cuz I hate spunk

    13. The Cosby Show cuz Bill Cosby was hilarious even though he was apparently one sick SOB

    14. Xena: Warrior Princess cuz ... duh..

    15. Breaking Bad cuz Bryan Cranston

    16. Doctor Who cuz any show that can replace the main actor that many times..

    17. Daria cuz I don't gotta be a teenage stoner to like it

    18. The Andy Griffith Show .. two words: Barney Fife..

    19. Beverly Hills, 90210 cuz most high school kids ARE shallow and self absorbed

    20. The Carol Burnett cuz of Tim Conway

    21. I'd rather watch Sesame Street

    22. Empty Nest -- Richard Mulligan

    23. Grey's Anatomy -- Ellen Pompeo

    24. Hot in Cleveland -- Betty White

    25. Lost interest after they killed Glen. He was a pizza delivery dude. Ya don't kill the pizza delivery dude!

  • 3 years ago

    I will answer only for categories were I've seen both shows.

    15. Breaking Bad

    25. The Walking Dead

  • Arnold
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    3 years ago

    I think there are only a few shows where the spin-off is significantly better than the original. Frasier and The Jeffersons are good examples of exemplary spin-offs.

    I never really considered a show like The Simpsons or Mama's Family to be a spin off since they were so much different from the show where they originated. I guess technically they are...but they don't feel like a regular spin-off.

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