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How do you do this? I’m genuinely confused. I’ve been trying for hours but I don’t know the name of the puzzle.

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    Ok, see the first column on the top puzzle? There are two white squares, and below on the second puzzle, there are two letters. It is saying that only those two letters go into those two squares, an A and a D, but it's up to you to work out which one goes where.

    Each white square has to be filled, using real words that read horizontally, but the contents of each column of letters must fit what is allowed in that column from the second part below. There are no vertical words in the puzzle, the words are horizontal only. I can see that because no 9-letter word would fit the 5th column, made using NWIVNEUAO. You can cross out letters once they get used, so you don't accidentally repeat.

    The words right at the top look like they belong to another puzzle, so can be ignored. I literally have no idea about the pencil lines and words, not entirely sure what's going on there, but it's nothing to do with the actual solution.

    To start you off, look at the single square on the bottom right. The only letter for that column is an N, so N goes in the square. Then look at the letter to the left. The part below says that it can only be O, F or Y - which letter is most likely to precede an N? The kind of words that end in FN or YN are super Scrabble-champion level obscure so I think you can safely assume that it's the O. With the O in place, it's also a safer bet that the letter above on row 7 is 'F' because the only two letter word that would fit what is available is 'OF',and the letter above that in row 5 is the remaining Y, a sensible final letter that could fit many ten letter words.

    You have carry on from there, logically placing the letters based on what is likely to go where, and then seeing what possible words could fit in each part.

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