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Mike asked in EnvironmentGlobal Warming · 2 years ago

Will electric cars to combat global warming produce more government surveillance?

Electric cars do not pay gas taxes, so governments will start charging by mile traveled. This would be used as an excuse to implement GPS tracking.


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    Your question raises several points:

    Yes, it may well be used as yet another way to keep track of us. As if mobile phones, Twitter, Facebook and Google were not enough.

    It also provides the possibility to control us. Remember when Tesla, remotely, updated the software of Tesla cars in Florida to give them extended range to help people fleeing the hurricane? If they have that power then they can also moce the knob the other way and ground us for as long as they like.

    Car accidents are already being caused by assassins who can hack into internal combustion engines electronic control systems to cause crashes. They will have even more control over an electric vehicle.

    Taxes are when the government thinks it can spend your money better than you can. All they need is an excuse for a new tax. CO2 is one such reason. If the tax worked and people stopped using CO2 producing vehicles then the government would just have to move the tax to something else. They seldom tolerate a tax cut.

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    Yes, that's an automatic side effect of most of the VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled) plans various states are currently experimenting with or signing into law.

    Here is Oregons 2017 OReGO VMT plan. http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Programs/RUF/IP-Road%20...

    Heres an older VMT proposal from California. http://thehill.com/policy/transportation/266626-ca...

    But since nearly everyone is already being tracked by other means the surveillance issue is a minor one.

    The bigger issue is it gives state governments a back door way to automatically increase taxes & revenue.

    Sure, the new plan may only start with 1.5 cents per mile so an average driver only has to write them a check for $10-$20 every month or an extra $120-$200 at tax time.

    BUT Politicians have never found a source of revenue they couldn't abuse so they will soon start adding a tenth of a cent or a third of a cent per mile Plus they will no doubt find some way to tax you at the electric charging stations.

    Heres the bottom line, If you now spend $100 per month to fuel your current gasoline powered vehicle then you should soon expect to spend $140 per month to drive your new state mandated electric car.

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  • Sammy
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    The electron flow that comes from the outlet to charge your car comes from a huge coal burning power plant.

    Source(s): Zero emissions? Fool yourself.
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      Not all electricity comes from coal. But, it would help if people would embrace nuclear power.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    GAS tax ?........ fuel tax is the correct term

    MILES traveled ?....... kilometers traveled is the correct term

    this is Australia you tosser try asking stupid questions with the correct terms

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    GPS tracking is certainly a possibility, which does raise quite a few privacy concerns. However, we do have to consider that almost all of already carry devices that track our location every second of every day. That being said, there is important distinction between devices that MIGHT be used to track our locations, as opposed to a device that is required by law to track your location.

    Just because GPS tracking is a possibility, doesn't mean it's the only option. In fact, I would say that GPS tracking is the least likely option. A must more sensible option would be an annual tax based on average mileage which is charged to the owners of electric cars. For example, the current federal gas tax is $0.184 per gallon, and the average american driver will drive 13,500 miles per year. Also, the 2017 Tesla Model S P100D gets 92MPGe. Based on this, the federal government could charge a $26 per year electric vehicle tax to the owners of the 2017 P100D.

    It's a simple way to assess a tax to the drivers of electric vehicles for their equivalent fuel usage. However, it's possible that the electric vehicle tax credit would also have to be repealed to keep from offsetting this type of gasoline equivalency tax.

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    I'm afraid the GPS tracking has been here since the introduction of Toyota Priuses (yes, they can charge a tax for each mile driven)

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    2 years ago

    No more drunk driving arrests either, and who needs a driver's license?

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    Yeh. Btw , I support you reposting this, spineless losers w I'll keep moving it but keep going

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