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Gabriel asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 2 years ago

Decisions made by the baby boom generation are the cause of why millenials are poor? True or False?

Please give rationale to support your answer.

I am in neither generation by the way.

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  • Pat
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    2 years ago
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    Has hating baby boomers become our last acceptable prejudice? One of the dumbest things we do as a culture is stereotype generations.

    The “Greatest Generation” did its duty honorably in defeating Hitler, but melted under fire when it returned home and faced racism, sexism, homophobia, intolerant moralism, environmental degradation and general Organization Man uptightness. It was the Boomers who won these wars. Boomers have ushered in the most tolerant and inclusive era in our history. What women can do today would have been considered science fiction in the Fifties. Gays and lesbians who once were routinely arrested or committed to psychiatric institutions can now marry and raise a family. Boomers made discrimination in the workplace against women and minorities illegal. We have now had an African-American president. As parents we raised the most inclusive and least prejudiced generation in our nation’s history.

    Two generations stared at the same shortcomings, inequities and hypocrisies of American life, but it was the Baby Boom generation that chose to tackle them, to hold this country to its grand ideals, to agitate for justice when it would have been easier to remain docile and silent, and we are a better nation because of that. It is why this generation’s accomplishments eclipse what came before it, and why the Baby Boom must be recognized as the Greater Generation.

    Spoiled Yuppies? Dirty hippies? That’s like saying the whole current generation is “dirty Goths.” Yuppies and hippies were both about 2% of the generation, and hippies weren’t dirty. There was way more "Nixon youth" than hippies.

    Who do these turncoat critics think built the digital economy and launched the longest economic recovery in American history? The Boomers were more educated than any previous generation in American history. Boomers made astronomical leaps and bounds in medicine, science, and technology. For starters, boomers set the stage by creating the personal computer, operating systems software and the Internet. Like rock and roll? Thank the boomers.

    The boomers so influenced American culture that in 1966, Time magazine broke with tradition and selected the Baby Boomer generation instead of an individual in its Man of the Year place of honor.

    Baby Boomers have changed every market they have touched and forced entire industries to improve, step up, and otherwise deliver a better product or service. In every field of American life, there are Boomers who have made and are making important, selfless contributions: in hospitals, classrooms, government, business, and the military. Boomers worked hard and paid taxes and now many are looking after unemployed grown children and ailing parents.

    Today’s legacy of social justice, diversity, and individual freedom didn’t just fall from the sky; it’s a consequence of a hard-won progressive struggle fought on the home front by a morally engaged American generation.

    Boomers, far from being selfish, raised families in the face of a prolonged and deliberate corporate assault on working people that saw their unions broken, their pensions terminated, their health insurance benefits slashed, college costs for their kids inflated, and job opportunities for both themselves and their children lost. They saw their home values crashed by greedy bankers. They are new facing a crisis and a threat as they reach retirement age, not because they were self-indulgent and lazy, but because they are the victims of a colossal corporate rip-off, one supported by a corrupt right-wing political movement. This campaign has gutted the programs that several generations of labor activists and workers, including boomers, fought to create.

    What deserves scorn are not Boomers or millennials, but a national discussion that traffics in bumper stickers and drive-by stereotypes and tries to pit one generation against another.

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    Boomers: The Real Greatest Generation

    Sunday Dialogue: The Legacy of the Baby Boom Generation

    Talkin’ bout my generation

    What Millennials Can Learn From the Baby Boomer Legacy

    Baby Boomers

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  • 2 years ago


    Their decision to give birth to the millennial's parents and not have them immediately ABORTED lead to a generation of self indulgent pricks that gave birth to an even more worthless generation of whelps with a built in victimhood as their mantra this lead to the current crop of useless eaters farting up their grandparents basement couch cushions.

    Millennial's are poor because they weren't born with a wallet sticking out of their butt and they are helpless otherwise to earn a living. Companies don't like hiring them because then they have to learn a bunch of new made up words and pronouns and treat them like they are made of paper thin glass. This is why companies are going to automation for their future workers.

    McDonald's isn't looking to automated restaurants because baby boomers hate the taste of spit. It is because lazy douchebags expect to buy a house manning a fry cooker or screwing up a simple food order. Fifteen dollars an hour! Screw that they should be paid like waiters $2.50 an hour plus tips (To Insure Promptness). Begging for tips would weed out the surly douches and people that can't put down their ph.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I blame Nixon, Ford, Reagan. They did nothing to stop US plant closings and job loss to overseas areas.

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  • Jeff S
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    Actually it's due more to the fact Republicans sold out the industrial base that was the engine of our economy from the 1930s to the 1970s!

    Republicans allowed foreign companies to flood our markets with cheap inferior products to decimate the manufacturing base. They did it partly to destroy union political power that was the voice of the working class!!!

    That's why to this day they hate unions!

    Source(s): Old enough to have watched it happening
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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    The reason why millennials are poor is the high cost of education and the Bush recession.

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