Government Shutdown ?

What does a GS do for anything or anybody ? What is its purpose ? Why is shutting down say, infrastructure repair, or parks connected with some present argument in congress? Why does not having agreement over DACA cause a, say, presidential library or Fish and Wildlife preserve to cease operations ? Do the employees in these type of jobs lose their pay during a GS ? What does it accomplish; especially for we the people or FOR the government (which IS 'we the people' in essence) ?

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    Of course it does nothing for anyone. But the government cannot legally spend money if Congress has not approved the budget. It has to appropriate money (vote for how much should be spent and what on) and if it doesn't, ANY government spending in the new spending year is illegal. It doesn't matter what the argument is about, they're voting on the WHOLE budget. I'm sure you will agree that this is right and proper so there is democratic control of what happens to your taxes.

    So if Congress doesn't pass a budget by October 1, or the President vetoes it, the government has to save as much money as possible until a budget IS passed. Government employees can't be paid and the less essential ones get sent home. And this continues until such time as Congress and the President get their act together and pass the budget.

    It's almost impossible for this to happen in other countries. Either they have a stronger executive, or they have a parliamentary system where it's possible to cut through the problem by a snap general election - which happened in Australia in 1975, for example. In that case, the Governor-General, representing the Queen, was able to sack the Prime Minister and appoint his opposite number in the other main party on condition that he ask for an immediate election - which of course he did, having engineered the situation in the first place just so this would happen.

    But having a combined head of state and head of government, and the insistence on total separation of the executive and legislature, makes this impossible in the USA. There can't be a snap election because the constitution doesn't provide for it, and it doesn't provide for it because that would make the President too powerful. So there's no way out of it except to have a government shutdown until Congress comes to its senses.

    Government employees won't lose pay, they'll just be paid late. Which of course is going to cause them a problem with paying bills if it goes on too long. Fortunately it rarely does for more than about 2 weeks at most.

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    My job is ensuring wounded military members get the healthcare they need when it isn't available from a military member. For instance; after getting shot in the face, a service member may need oral surgery, and there may not be an oral surgeon working in the hospital in which they are receiving treatment. My job is to determine the most practical (weighing cost, quality, availability) options, and ensuring that wonder person gets the care they need. So I think I can say I may not do anything that helps you, but what I do certainly helps the military member. And guess what? I'm really good at it.

    As for the rest of your question, a game and wildlife preserve isn't considered essential, so it would cease operating. Military members continue working, but most of the civilian support staff don't. Last time, I did the work of 4 people. Barely. I managed to keep things running but wouldn't have been able to work on anything new, which makes it very difficult for military hospitals to operate.

    Typically, you don't get paid when you normally would, but then congress passes a bill and everyone gets their back pay.

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    The Democrats think they can score political points, they actually want it to happen.

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