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How can I make brown eyes pop more?? (For people who know about makeup)?

If you’re not good at makeup please don’t answer..

So you know how people with blue and green eyes have eyes that really pop out and are really noticeable from afar.. how can I do that with my eyes..

My eyes would be considered like a dark amber color...but look like a light hazel in the sun.

How can I use makeup to make the color pop more??

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    I have the exact same eye color. I love to use natural matte shades with a hint of shimmer in gold hues or green.

    here's a good link

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    Blue eye makeup will make them pop because the colors contrast each other. Think about it: if you Google how to enhance blue eyes, nine times out of ten the answer will be to wear warm brown eye makeup. The same holds true for wearing blue eye makeup with brown eyes.

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    golds and greens will really make hazel eyes pop, stick to darker greens rather than anything too bright

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    I find that purple makes brown or hazel eyes pop the most. Especially doing a dark purple eyeliner on your waterline or smoked out on your lower lashline (and matching the style on the top, of course) can look really good. If you have some green undertones, you could also try green! I like mossy or olive greens because I feel like it brings out the green in my eyes.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Bronzer, darkening your skin will make eyes that aren't totally dark look lighter. So if they're an amber color, you would wear bronzer on your skin to make them look brighter. I'm sure you've noticed how much your eyes pop when you have a sun tan. That's why.

    Another thing you can do is wear colors that exactly match the color of your eyes. This will make them pop.

    Of course, black mascara. The darkness will make them stand out more. Also, eyeshade that either coordinates with the amber but goes a little darker, so bronzy-brown earth tones, or compliments amber but goes a little darker, so a deep blue since blue is the compliment of yellow, which amber is brown that leans towards yellow.

    If you're considering dying your hair, go either really light or really dark to make those eyes pop. Since your eyes aren't actually dark but aren't exactly light either, they're in the middle, so if you have your care also a medium color, they will get lost. You need to create contrast with your hair to make them jump out.

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    Look at drag queen videos.

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