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If men are expected to be the ones pursuing relationships, how will feminism ever really work?

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    "If men are expected to be the ones pursuing relationships, how will feminism ever really work?"

    Feminism will continue to function so long as enough people go along with the facade that it is working towards a true definition of equality, rather than continuing its program of offering women equal Rights without equal Responsibilities. It's really this simple.

    And this is why there is so much man-shaming that goes on from feminists onto men. Because if men begin to drop their traditional responsibilities to women and the society en masse, then feminism will end. Feminism can only survive so long as men continue to function in society under their traditional roles. The same traditional roles that women have been given the choice to opt out of if they so desire.


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    It won't. Men have gender roles that the same feminists who claim to fight them are trying to hold them to

  • jereh
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    3 years ago

    You mean the opposite.

    Men want sex but controls the relationship. Women want relationship but controls the sex

  • why do you think youre entitled to a relationship

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  • Alan H
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    Both seek relationships: it is a natural part of humanity.

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    Much like " Liberalism " , feminism is built on a great many double standards .

    Feminists are the " empowered , independent women " ,,,,,,,, that demand child support and alimony .

  • Anonymous
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    How is this a Politics question? Go ask Gender Studies, Sociology, or Singles & Dating.

    Nobody in this section is in a healthy relationship, nor has any women that want to talk to them anyway.

    @ comment - then you are the exception that proves the rule . . . or something like that . . . anyway, go spend time with the wife, there's nothing here that will enrich your (or her) life

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    Feminism doesn't work. It's more conspiracy theory than philosophy.

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    It doesn't. Globalists are pushing feminism to stop population growth.

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