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How can I stay motivated to lose weight when i’m not overweight?

Ok so let me start off by saying I’m not overweight. I have naturally muscular/ bigger legs and a big(ish) butt. I don’t really put on weight easily. But if I eat junk and pig out a lot, i’ll Put on 5-10 ish pounds. But I can never really tell that big of a difference. When I do gain weight it seems to go to my sides (love handles) it’s not super bad or anything, it’s just enough to bother me. It takes away my confidence and makes me never want to show my stomach or wear a bikini like I used to. Ever since I was 14 I would go through phases wear I would try and starve myself. It never lasted because I love food lol but I would try diets and try to eat healthy and clean. The longest I’ve ever ate “clean” was for 2 weeks and I lost 5 pounds. I assume mostly water weight. I do track In the spring which obviously helps to stay fit but in my off season, well I’m screwed. I take a weight class but diverse workouts aren’t really an option. I haven’t noticed any weight loss or anything from this and I’ve been doing it for about 6 months. Tbh I eat very poorly. I hate vegetables and anything green. I love fried foods and sweets. Pretty much everything you shouldn’t have. How can I for once stay motivated to shed a few pounds (preferably 10) and what should I eat? Since I’m so picky, sticking to the same meals everyday causes me to get bored and lose track. Not to mention I eat when I’m bored. I don’t think I could be much worse off. Advice?

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    If you try the Atkins way of eating, and eat about 50 grams of carbs a day (or how ever many it takes to maintain your weight-you have to experiment), you can eat like a hog.

    You can have all the fried meat and vegetables you want (no potatoes or corn, no pasta, no wheat products which means bread, no processed foods). However, if you check out low carb recipes on Pinterest, you're going to discover a lot of low carb foods which are delicious. And some are desserts.

    I wouldn't hog out on the desserts every day, but they are a nice treat once in a while.

    This is my best advice.

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    eat healthy

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