Is there a smart phone that can play audio CDs? I have a lot of them.?

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  • 3 years ago

    Rip and convert them to MP3, then load them into your phone. I use Nero WaveEditor to rip and convert.

  • 3 years ago

    Any Android can if the device supports OTG.

    You need a USB CD drive and an OTG adapter that supplies power. You will also need a player app from the Play Store.

    It's easier to rip them and transfer them to your phone.

  • 3 years ago

    I'm sorry to report that ABSOLUTELY NO SMARTPHONE has the capabilities of playing physical audio CD's & there's USB or BlueTooth devices that support iOS nor Android.

    In order to play the music from the Audio CD is that you will need to covert them into digital music files that your phone can utilize. While MP3 format is supported & still utilized for digital music, most users will go with MP4 formats with "Advanced Audio Coding" (AAC) to obtain high quality audio... even though the file extension can vary between .mp4 (catch all), .m4a (audio only) & .aac.

    Other formats your phone may support would be WAV, which is a raw audio format (good for short clips), & possibly OGG, which is Ogg Vorbis (an open-source audio format).

    "Ripping" a CD & converting it into digital audio files does take some time to process with your preferred major media player. The time requirement varies based on your optical drive speed & processing power. On low-end systems, it could take an hour (going at 1x speed)... but mid-range systems will take around 15 minutes (going around 4x speed) & high-end systems can be as little as 4 minutes (going around 15x speed).

    Uploading the music files to your phone isn't that hard, but the the time requirement is based on the amount of data you wish to upload & the speed your computer can push through the USB connection (USB 2.0 connections can go up to 25 MBps). So uploading one album would likely take around 5 minutes.

    For a large CD library, you'll have to dedicate some time & storage space (possibly getting a 1 TB USB HDD) to digitize your collection. Then determine what songs you want to place on your phone. If you have an Android phone, you could use multiple microSD cards to make your entire library portable.

    HOWEVER, the best option to consider if you want to minimize headaches would be to subscribe to a music streaming service (like Apple Music, Google Music All-Access, Spotify, Pandora, ect.) so you can play any song in those services ever-increasing library.

  • 3 years ago

    You can rip the audio tracks from your CDs and convert them into a digital format such as MP3 or WMV or iTunes, and use your phone to play those.

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  • 3 years ago

    Not directly. You will need to 'rip' your CDs using a program like Windows Media Player or similar. Once the tracks are 'ripped', you can copy them to your phone for playback.

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    No. There is not. Audio from CDs can be imported to a smart phone using a program like Itunes.

    You can import songs from CDs into your iTunes library. Once you import songs, you can listen to them without having the original CD in your computer disc drive.

    iTunes imports most songs in a few minutes, and an entire CD in about 10 minutes.

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    Only if you convert them to a digital file.

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