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I'm 18, why don't i have the same rights as an adult?

So yesterday, i was trying to sign myself out of school to leave early so i could go to my interview but the principle stop and told me that i can't sign myself because i don't have my parents permission. I told him i was 18. But then he said that it doesn't matter. You're still in school. There were a lot of arguments about rights of 18 years olds who are still in high school. I believe that if an 18 year old enough join the military, die for their, get married, have sex, have children, vote, move out, rent a house, or do porn then they should be old enough to sign their sign out regardless if they are still in high school or not. And yes, i still live with my parents. But that's only because i'm struggling and work at a low paying job where i only schedule for a few days for a few hours. I don't make enough to pay bills. I'm trying to find another job where i can work everyday and get paid well. But even that, im still struggling to find a job that will hire me. The job that im working right now was the only place that hired me.

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    That does seem really odd. You are old enough to quit school if you decide to - your parents can't force you to go. At least I couldn't force my daughter to go to school once she turned 18. So she quit school and moved out.

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    Sure, you have exactly the same rights, but you probably don't have as much power as an adult.

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    Honestly, it might just be your state because I was allowed to sign myself out at 18 - also, we didn't really sign out. We just swiped our ID and the secretary would nod at us if we were in the 12th grade. If they were in the 11th or below, they'd ask for a slip, parent permission, nurse slip, or tell them to sign in and get back to class until the parent came. Also, I'm 18 (graduated at 16, though, so it might be a bit different for you). I have siblings that I sign out all the time by just showing my driver's license. Maybe you need to show a permit or ID of some sort, not just the plastic school card they give you - if you get those.

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    Different States have different rules for those who are 18. In Louisiana and similar states, you can do all you said AND drink, while in most States, you have to be 21 to drink. You can still smoke, drive, you have the right to be sexual, and yes, die for your Country. You should (depending on local laws) be able to sign yourself out of school now that your 18, I would ask to receive a School Guidebook (most schools have written laws that pertain to the students, and most pass out these rule-books to students at the first of the year. They contain things like the rights of the students, the dress code, etc.) Personally, it just sounds like your Principal is over-stepping their authority, but the Rule-book should explain what your Rights are yours while you are still in school. Best of luck.

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    something like this happened to me when i was 18, so i just said ok and then left school through one of the back doors

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    You don't have the same rights as an adult because you're still a minor and you need to learn a lot more before you're allowed to take on ADULT responsibilities. Well, for starters, you can't spell very well ("principle," notice it ends with "L" and "E", like the word "rule" rather than PRINCIPAL, the maIN person at a school) and you desperate need help with transitive and intransitive VERBS, which you confuse and your grammar desperately needs improvement, too; don't you pay attention while you're in school? You're 18, wait until you reach the age of 21 where you'll be a full-fledged legal adult.

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    You are an adult in the face of the law.

    However, some of the freedoms accrue at different ages. The timing of these privileges depends on your location and age.

    Some places allow drinking alcohol at 18, others at 21.

    If a man dies, his wife can collect benefits from Social Security for his children while they are enrolled in high school or college.

    While in high school, a student is considered a minor for all legal matters. Such consideration allows for uniformity of expectations, allows the cooperation of the students, the parents and the employees of the school.

    With that in mind, I understand how the principal thinks. If you have a legitimate reason to miss class, your parents would be completely supportive, to get a signed permit from your parents should be easy.

    Further, if something happens to you, you parents may sue the school for allowing you out. Such are the legal expectations.

    Welcome to adulthood.

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    I agree with you. You are a legal adult. But check the terms and conditions for being a student at that school. If they say you must have parental permission, that's it. You must have parental permission. But if it says permission from an adult, you're home free. Go to your interview. And when the principle attempts to stop you, and he will, you point out the wording of the terms and conditions.

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    high school is a bit different - I mean, you cant just sign yourself out - it doesn't work that way.

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    I think you just answered your own question.

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