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Anonymous asked in TravelMexicoCancun · 2 years ago

18 and 17 year old going to Cancun, Mexico. How much money should we bring?

Hello! Me and my best friend saved up over 3000 dollars for a resort in Cancun along with flights, jet-sking, zip-lining, etc. We are staying in an all inclusive resort by ourselves. We were wondering how much money in cash should we bring? We want to bring money for tipping, shopping, dining, and any fees we may have. We were thinking 500 dollars in cash each would be okay. I will bring my card just incase we need more. How much?


We staying for 4 nights, 5 days.

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  • 2 years ago
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    Wrong. Don't carry a lot of cash.

    Cancun, indeed, most places in Mexico and other foreign nations have ATMs. You can use them to draw out cash as you need it. It is really a bad idea to carry a lot of cash around at any given moment as then you are a prime target for robbery. And don't be texting and walking, you can lose your smartphone that way too.

    I presume you have a debit card and a checking account with a major bank that has affiliated ATMs overseas. If you don't, you really need one if you intend to travel in foreign countries...or even around the USA.

    Source(s): I've traveled all over the world. Never took more than enough for taxi cabs and restaurants for one day in my wallet. And there was always an ATM within walking distance of my hotel, including when I went to Mexico.
    • Duaa2 years agoReport

      Thanks! We were thinking about just using the ATM and withdrawing cash if we need it but just needed an opinion. Thanks again.

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  • 2 years ago

    Take as much as you can afford to have stolen from you.

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