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Should academic subjects like AP Biology be made mandatory in all high schools in your opinion to improve US STEM education?

I was in class the other day in AP Biology and the instructor was talking about how a single strand of mRNA could be synthesized by the RNA polymerase through a process called transcription. The RNA polymerase starts with a promoter, in bacteria it would be: TTGACG

The complementary would be AACTGC and we know that adenosine and thymine are weaker because there are 2 hydrogen bonds. in humans the promoter is TATA box or TATAAA. Unlike cytosine and guanine there are 3 hydrogen bonds. Anyway, it just amused that we knew all of this. Scientists figured that at the end of elongation we have a 3'-5- phosphodiester bond.

I then wondered to myself, why don't they make subjects like AP Biology mandatory for all students, not just the smart ones? Granted, the class is not easy and demands you to work hard but people who put in the studies will see the rewards when they make the connections between topics.

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    AP Biology is a more advanced version of the required course, biology. It shouldn't be required because students who do not wish to pursue an education in science shouldn't have to take it. The great thing about high school (or at least mine) is that you have freedom to take a variety of classes. If students have already taken biology and don't like it, they shouldn't be forced into taking a more advanced, content-heavy, version of it. If they are looking to go into accounting, finance, etc., they do not need to know about the transcription of mRNA. If you hated physics and someone presented you with the same argument, wouldn't you disagree?

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    America does not have enough science educators to do that.

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    Specifically, there would be no point in it. General sciences should be mandatory covering a broad scope of science.

    That is where technology comes from.

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