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Why are states asking the Federal Government to repair their infrastructure?

I can understand Interstate Roads and airports but not their state roads and city streets and government buildings


I cannot understand how cities and towns get federal money to build a public health club and then to make it worse they put the private ones OOB by undercharging and under paying..

Update 2:

This is why the Federal Budget is out of Control.

Update 3:

I should say Federal Spending. The budgets are all fake plans.

Update 4:

FEMA has nothing to do with infrastructure repair and FEMA does not confiscate funds.

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    Your question is valid and the issue of Federal expenditures is an important one to bring up. The first paragraph of our Constitution requires the Federal Government to "Promote the General Welfare" of the Nation.

    Please note it does Not say anything about Individual Welfare.

    Everything that is not the duty of the federal Government is up to the States to deal with.

    I agree with the basic parameters of your question.

    We Should be paying More in State Taxes than we do in Federal Taxes for that very reason. If we did, we as responsible voting citizens would be more able to remove the Corrupt from positions of Power and gain better control of expenses while reducing Waste. Corruption would meet its limits very quickly and the Debts would stop piling up.

    Follow the Constitution. America's Founding Fathers were wise indeed.

    Interstate infrastructure IS part of caring for our general welfare.

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    Most likely because the federal government confiscates the majority of states emergency management funds for FEMA .

    I and most states leadership would have little objection to keeping and controlling their own emergency/disaster management funds but the way it works now is that DC takes that money and makes the states beg for it back when there is a disaster .

    While California created it's own problems by outlawing prescribed , controlled burn maintenance , if the federal government took Ca. tax dollars for FEMA , they are entitled to funds for rebuilding .

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    Politicians at all levels always have their hands out for something.

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    Because those roads and streets are used by everyone, not just the residents where they are found.

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      That is a stretch. Even the Interstates are used mostly by the locals and the Fed reason for building those roads was for Interstate Commerce.

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    Many states can't afford it due to other social services like educations, police, fire, and excetra. But really what the state is doing is requesting federal funding for those repairs, of which the state pays the empoyees, and the employees pay federal taxes. So techincially the state pays the federal government back through the use of taxes

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      That is a stretch. You assume labor is 100% of the cost and the workers pay 100% tax. Even at an average tax rate the return of tax dollars would be about 6% of the cost and the jobs are not permanent so that is a one time return.

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